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What makes Paul Smith India shirts remarkable?

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If you want to try out striped shirts for the first time, then there is no better option than Paul Smith India. http://www.palladiummumbai.com/details/paul-smith

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What makes Paul Smith India shirts remarkable?

  1. 1. What makes Paul Smith India shirts remarkable? If you ask your friends for their opinion on striped shirts, you would always find confusing reactions. There would be some who find striped shirts cool but think it should be avoided if you have the option to wear monochrome shirts. Then, there would be some who do not prefer striped shirts at all. Then, you would find the bunch who insist you to have at least a couple of striped shirts in your closet. So, you can see that striped shirts is an item in today’s fashion world that enjoys the most divided opinion. This is what makes striped shirts so special. A person can love or hate striped shirts, but can never ignore it. The best thing about striped shirts is that it can be worn both in the day and in the evening. It can be teamed with jeans as well as formal trousers depending on the occasion. In fact, striped shirts are considered as the most versatile pieces of garment. Nowadays, the fashion designers are experimenting with the sizes of the stripes. Most fashion designers hold the opinion that the stripes should be thin and dense. However, a few fashion designers are proving it through their quirky designs that wider stripes also have the potential to take the market by storm. So, it completely depends on your preference. There are a number of brands available in the market today that sell striped shirts for men. However, our advice to you is to always go for a pioneer brand. Yes, you recognised it right. Paul Smith is the brand that came up with striped shirts and made it popular among men. In the last few years, Paul Smith India has increased the number of its stores in the nation and is gradually working towards popularising its signature striped shirts. If you are a Mumbai resident, you would find Paul Smith stores in almost every shopping mall in the city. If you want to try out striped shirts for the first time, then there is no better option than Paul Smith India. Besides the designs, the fabric of Paul Smith garments is also very good. The colours used in Paul Smith apparels are very dynamic and do not lose brightness even after multiple washes. There is a high chance that you will become a fan of Paul Smith once you start wearing the brand.