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Texas Evangelist

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As a change maker — Pastor Rick provides equipping and impactful content that transform thinking, provoke action and cultivate purpose. Challenging people, churches, and organizations to break the boundaries of an ordinary existence. Pastor Rick will help you and or your team to find the courage to embrace and radiate the gospel. For more info visit http://evangelisticministry.org

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Texas Evangelist

  1. 1. Pastor Rick Vasquez is a Pastor- Evangelist with a passion for the gospel of grace, and believes that God's word call's us to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ. Pastor Rick’s first encounter with the Lord was in September 1994, when he himself was going through a difficult ordeal in his personal life. While listening to a heavy metal rock group known as Metallica, realizing his need of God's redemptive grace he renounced his former way of life. The experience of God's call over his life, not only prepared him personally to help others with their own struggles, but has helped him face his call to an evangelistic ministry. In 1997 Pastor Rick obtained his Associates in Theology from Instituto Teologico Hispano Americano, and in 1998 a Pastoral Counseling diploma from Grace Bible College. In 2005 he went through the volunteer Chaplain training offered by Texas Department of Criminal Justice and in 2006 he began working towards an undergraduate Degree in Christian Education at Southwestern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Served as Program Coordinator for Tarrant County Restorative Justice Center and served as Hispanic Chair for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for the Will Graham Crusade in Burleson, Texas. Also, in 2008 he became Texas Field Director for Prison Fellowship, volunteer management, training and coalition development; yes all this has pre- pared him for these challenging times as he now stands as a servant leader as a an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team,and Bilingual Pastor of Crosspoint Español in Bellaire, Texas, and Staff Evangelist at West University Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.