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Using augmented reality and virtual reality in real estate sales offices

  1. Using AR and VR In Real Estate Alper Guler www.arpandora.com
  2. Using AR in Real Estate Sales Offices AR + Physical Architectural ModelOnly AR Model
  3. Night View - Zoom - Focus Areas Get more from your model
  4. Available Units See units sold, in-contract and available on your architectural model and click on them to get more information about the unit
  5. Unit Details Access all unit information: pricing, availability, 3d floor plans, 360 Walkthrough, views from the unit
  6. 360 Walkthrough You can use Cardboard or your Ipad to experience 360 design of the unit with furniture
  7. Render Insertion into Real 360 Photo You can see the upcoming Freedom Tower 2 on the left
  8. Render Insertion into Drone Video You can see the upcoming building in the video
  9. Have all these features in one app on Tablet or Mobile Phone No more laser pointers and hundreds of unit detail print outs

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. If Real Estate Developer doesn’t want to invest in the architectural model, you can just have the augmented reality model in the sales office. If the real estate developer has the architectural model, we can use augmented reality to give life to the pysical model by adding walking people, yachts, night views.