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  1. 10 HERBAL MEDICINES APPROVED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 1. Sambong 2. Akapulko 3. Niyog-niyogan 4. Tsaang gubat 5. Ampalaya 6. Lagundi 7. Ulasimang bato 8. Bawang 9. Bayabas 10.Yerba buena
  2. SAMBONG Scientific Name: Blumea balsamifera Use/s: Anti-edema, diuretic, anti-urolithiasis
  3. AKAPULKO Common Name/s: Ringworm bush, Bayas-bayasan Scientific Name: Cassia alata Uses/: Anti-fungal, tinea flava, ringworm, athlete’s foot and scabies
  4. NIYOG-NIYOGAN Common Name: Chinese Honey Suckle Scientific Name: Quisqualis indica L. Use/s: Anti-helmintic (used to expel parasitic worms)
  5. TSAANG GUBAT Common Name: Forest Tea or Wild Tea Scientific Name: Carmona retusa Use/s: Diarrhea, Stomach ache
  6. AMPALAYA Common Name: Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon Scientific Name: Momordica charantia Use/s: lowers blood sugar levels
  7. LAGUNDI Common Name: 5 Leaved- Chaste Tree Scientific Name: Vitex negundo Use/s: asthma and cough, fever, dysentery, colds and pain, HA, Aromatic bath for sick patients
  8. ULASIMANG BATO Common Name: Silver bush/ Shiny bush, Pansit-pansitan Scientific Name: Peperomia pellucida Use/s: lowers uric acid
  9. BAWANG Common Name: Garlic Scientific Name: Allium sativum Use/s: for HTN, toothache, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood
  10. BAYABAS Common Name: Guava Scientific Name: Psidium guajava Use/s: for washing wounds, for toothache, for diarrhea
  11. YERBA BUENA Common Name: Peppermint Scientific Name: Mentha cordifelia Use/s: cough and cold, swollen gums and toothache, menstrual and gas pain, nausea and fainting, insect bites