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TALLENTEX 2017 – ALLEN’s Tallent Encouragement Exam

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ALLEN Career Institute has launched its national level talent encouragement exam TALLENTEX 2017 for students of class 5 to 10 & 11 (Science). TALLENTEX 2017 will be conducted zone-wise at 500+ test centers of 300+ cities spread across 22 states of the nation. For this, all states have been divided into 7 different zones where TALLENTEX will be conducted on two separate dates of October 9, 2016 and October 23, 2016. The result of TALLENTEX 2017 will be declared in second week of November 2016. Students can register online at www.tallentex.com & offline forms will be made available at all ALLEN Centers from third week of June.

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TALLENTEX 2017 – ALLEN’s Tallent Encouragement Exam

  1. 1. www.tallentex.com 2017 T TEXALLENALLEN'S Talent Encouragement Exam Today, competition is bigger than you think. with TALLENTEXBoost your winning power 3 LacMore Than Students Appeared in Tallentex till 2016 2200 Prizes for Students 90%Upto Scholarship For ALLEN Classroom Course 300+ Cities 500+ Test Centers 22 States (*Zone-wise dates. Refer your zone to find date) Students of Class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI (Science) Get Rank, Recognition, Cash Prize & Certificate, Proven Best Platform to Judge and Analyze your Performance & Win at NATIONAL Level th rd 9 Oct. 2016 & 23 Oct. 2016*Dates (Directly in Student's Account, Not Linked with Admission)
  2. 2. What is TALLENTEX ? TALLENTEX is acronym for TALLENTEX is a specially designed initiativeALLEN's Talent Encouragement Exam. toencourageyoungtalentwithcashprizes,scholarships andmentoringby ALLENCareerInstitute. As a career institute, we at ALLEN know that an encouragement platform not only provides an opportunity to students to apply their ability and win appreciation but also it nurtures their mind for higher targets of tomorrow. Why TALLENTEXis Different? The difference behind TALLENTEX is ALLEN Career Institute itself. ALLEN is a frontrunner institute in the field of coaching young students from class VI to XII & XII passed so that they move ahead on a brilliant career path by winningatvariousmilestonesintheiracademictenure. ALLEN is India’s Most Trusted & Result Dominating institute, which has strong roots in its rich academic legacysince1988.Morethan5.3Lacs studentshavetrustedALLENClassroomin28years.(till2015) ALLEN teaching methodology’s hallmark SYSTEM of TESTING for its enrolled students from India- widegivesTALLENTEXthepowerofofferingyouthemostrealisticcompetition. "ALLEN Quality : You will be tested and rewarded as never before through TALLENTEX. Who CanAppearin TALLENTEX? All those student studying in class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X & XI (Sci.) in academic year 2016-17, can appear in TALLENTEXif: TALLENTEX 2017 Test Centers : Proposed in more than 300+ Major Cities in above mentioned 7 Zones. In our 28 years of experience at ALLEN Career Institute, wherein more than 5.3 Lacs (till 2015) students have been taught by our classroom system, we have seen again and again how some students steadily distinguish themselves from others and in the last become highly successful in achieving their desired goals. Thousands of our students have made place not only among toppers in the very tough IIT-JEE or Pre-medical entrance examinations or KVPY or NTSE but also have become medalists in various International Science/Maths Olympiads. We all recognize that some students will "make it" while others who are equally bright will not. Why is this? What are they doing differently? The successful students identify all essential aspects and putrequiredeffortsineachaspect. One of the major pillars of ALLEN teaching methodology is its strong SYSTEM of TESTING in the diverse student group enrolled from India-wide; high results both in Ranks & Selections figures in competitive exams from ALLEN proves it right. TALLENTEX is a unique exam developed by highly experienced academicians from our departments of JEE, Pre-Medical, Pre- Nurture and Career Foundation. All focused and sincere students will find TALLENTEX full of such benefits which will boost their academic competitive abilities&helpthembeatthecompetition. Directors Sitting (L-R) : Govind Maheshwari, Rajesh Maheshwari Standing (L-R) : Naveen Maheshwari, Brajesh Maheshwari Who believe that taking part in competition is good Who want to be prepared for future Who want to test themselves in new exam pattern Cash Prizes based on Ranks in TALLENTEX 2017 : 2 – 3 4 – 10 11 – 20 21 – 100 101 – 200 201 – 5001 Class XI (PCB Stream) National Rank in TALLENTEX 2017 : Prize in Rs. (Total : 1.25 Crore) RANK Class X Each Class From V, VI & VII Class IX Class VIII TALLENTEX 2017 Zones : S.No. Zone Name States 1. S.Chandrasekhar Zone Rajasthan 2. HG Khorana Zone Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, J&K 3. HJ Bhabha Zone Gujarat, Maharashtra 4. SS Abhyankar Zone CG, UP, MP, Delhi NCR 5. Chanakya Zone Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha 6. JC Bose Zone West Bengal, Assam 7. Ramanujan Zone AP, TN, Kerala, Karnataka Who want to compete with new students across the country Who are targeting to improve overall academic strength Why some students beat the competition? Class XI (PCM Stream) 2 Lakh 1 Lakh 50,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 NA 2 Lakh 50,000 20,000 5,000 2,0001 Lakh 10,000 50,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 3,000 2,000 NA 1 Lakh 40,000 30,000 15,000 5,000 3,000 NA 1 Lakh 40,000 30,000 15,000 5,000 3,000 1,000 50,000 20,000 10,000 5,0002 Lakh 1 Lakh NA Conditionsfor Prize: (I) Tie Breaker Rule: If many students secure equal aggregate marks then higher rank will be given by comparing subject scores in priority of IQ, Maths/Biology & Physics and IQ, Maths,For class XI Physics&Chemistry .UptoclassX Ifallsubjectscoresare alsoequalthenloweragestudentwillbegivenhigherrank. (II) AdmissioninALLENCourse is for TALLENTEX prizes.NOT mandatory (III) National Top-20 Rank Holders of each class will be given cheque prize SPSONLY IF they attend functionofTALLENTEX2017 For Studentsseeking Admission in ALLENClassroom Coursesfor session 2017-18: ApplicationFormFeeBenefit: All qualified students of TALLENTEX 2017, who wish to take admission in Classroom Courses at ALLEN, willgetApplicationFormin 300/-only.` To avail this benefit an unique code will be provided to eligible candidates at the time of TALLENTEX Result,whichcanberedeemedwhilepurchasingApplicationForm. Scholarships BasedonTALLENTEX2017Performance: Selective students will be offered UPTO 90% scholarship for ALLEN Classroom Courses in Academic Session 2017-18, subject to ALLEN Management's decision, based on TALLENTEX result merit. All scholarship offeredwillbedeclaredwiththeTALLENTEXresultonly. (I) Fee and admission terms & conditions applicable as will be mentioned in admission policy of session2017-18. (II) TALLENTEXscholarship willbevalidasperlastdategivenwithTALLENTEX2017result. CLASS
  3. 3. NATIONAL/ZONAL/ STATE RANK &PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS All the students participating in TALLENTEX will get their National Rank, Zonal Rank & State Rank in their respective classes. Also analysis of overall & subject wise performance will be provided in reportformatafterdeclarationoftheresult. COMPETITIVE SUCCESS INDEX (CSI) All the students participating in TALLENTEX will be provided with their Competitive Success Index (CSI). Based on CSI, a student can evaluate his/her potential of Success in respective forthcoming higher Competitive Exams including JEE (Main), JEE(Advanced), AIPMT, AIIMS, International Olympiads, KVPYorNTSE. SUCCESSPOWERSESSION(SPS) Students in National Top-20 Rank holders of each class in TALLENTEX will be called for SPS in November / December, 2016 at Kota. SPS will be conducted by ALLEN's National Level Mentors on critical factors that convert students into outstanding performers. Invited student with one parent/guardian (total two persons) shall be reimbursed train ticket (III-AC) / equivalent and one day accommodation at specified hotel/hostel in Kota. SPS not only gives you opportunity to know about the factors other than just hard work and dedication to transfer your efforts into success, it also gives you platform to interactnationaltoppersatoneplace. TALLENTEX2017Dates : Test Date For Test Date For th rd 9 October, 2016 (Sunday) 23 October, 2016 (Sunday) S.Chandrasekhar, HG Khorana SS Abhyankar, Chanakya, JC Bose & HJ Bhabha Zones & Ramanujan Zones Last Date for Registration Last Date for Registration th th 29 September, 2016 13 October, 2016 TALLENTEX 2017 Result : Combined National Result of both tests will be declared th On or before 12 November, 2016 (will be declared on www.tallentex.com and will also be send by SMS at registered Mobile No.) Registration Fee : `200/- Payable by Cash / Online Methods of Registering for TALLENTEX (Choose Any) : (I) Fill ONLINE FORM at www.tallentex.com and pay ONLINE (II) Fill ONLINE FORM at www.tallentex.com, download & print challan to deposit registration fee in cash at nearby ALLEN Center before last date of registration. (III) Purchase FORM from any ALLEN Center, fill-in and deposit. (IV) Purchase FORM from your school if it has agreed for TALLENTEX 2017 registration, fill-in and deposit at school or send by post to TALLENTEX Cell Kota / by hand at any nearby ALLEN Center. (V) You can also contact at TALLENTEX Cordination Cell for Registration Assistance (9 AM to 9 PM). Registration Update : Will be sent by SMS at registered Mobile no. & can also be checked on www.tallentex.com Admit Card : Download from www.tallentex.com 7 days before test OR collect from any ALLEN Center. Compulsory at Test Center : TALLENTEX 2017 admit card and Original School Photo ID or School Mark Sheet. Reporting Time at Test Center will be at least 30 minutes prior to Test Time printed on admit card. Subject Applicable : Class V to X : Physics; Chemistry; Biology; Maths; IQ Class XI : Physics; Chemistry; Biology/Maths (Students attempt either Biology or Maths); IQ Syllabus : NCERT syllabus of previous class and current class as provided along with this kit. IQ does not have any syllabus. It comprises of questions on logical & mental ability. Pattern of Questions : 80 Objective Type Questions | MCQs of 4 choices (single correct answer) (Sample test papers are available at website : www.tallentex.com) Marking Scheme : For Class V, VI & VII : +4 for correct answer ( No Negative Marking for wrong answer) For Class VIII, IX, X & XI : +4 for correct answer & -1 for wrong answer (negative marking) Class wise Question Distribution : For Class V, VI & VII For Class VIII, IX & X For Class XI Physics: 12, Chemistry: 11 Physics: 15, Chemistry: 15 Physics: 20, Chemistry: 20 Biology: 12, Maths: 25, IQ: 20 Biology: 15, Maths: 15, IQ: 20 (Biology/Maths): 20, IQ: 20 Medium & Duration of Exam : English Only Duration : 2 Hours. It is Compulsory to take seat in exam hall at least 30 minutes before test to fill OMR. SuccessPowerSession: November/December 2016 at Kota Date will be informed on(For National Top 20 Rank holders of each class) th orbefore20 November, 2016 AwardforAIR21andabove,asapplicableinrespectivecategory (I) If awarded student is from city where ALLEN center is present, then award can be given in any of Open SessionconductedatALLENCenter. (II) CashRewardtorestofthestudentswillbedepositedinstudent'sbankaccountthroughRTGS. UNIQUE BENEFITS
  4. 4. Glimpses of Success Power Session 2016 ADDRESS : "TALLENTEX COORDINATION CELL" ALLEN Career Institute, "Sankalp" CP-6, Indra Vihar, Kota (324005) RAJASTHAN | : 0744-5162162 | : contact@tallentex.com | : www.tallentex.com) * 8 facebook.com/tallentex twitter.com/TALLENTEX 2017 T TEXALLENALLEN'S Talent Encouragement Exam ALLEN Corporate Office :"SANKALP" CP-6, Indra Vihar, Kota (Raj.) INDIA 324005 | Tel.: 0744-5156100 | Website : www.allen.ac.in | E-mail : info@allen.ac.in Glimpses of Success Power Session 2015 ALLEN Centers : Kota w Chandigarh w Ahmedabad w Bengaluru w Bhilwara w Indore w Jaipur w Mumbai w Rajkot w Ranchi w Surat w Vadodara