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Why design sprints are awesome



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Why design sprints are awesome

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  2. 2. Nice to meet you RIT @alisonboncha #UXAustralia Kodak Google
  3. 3. In 20 minutes or less! What are sprints, @alisonboncha #UXAustralia Why they are awesome, and, How to run one.
  4. 4. What A design sprint is when group of people spend a short duration of time focused on finding a solution. @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  5. 5. Many flavors, we’ll talk about two @alisonboncha #UXAustralia http://goo.gl/rPpw4D
  6. 6. #1 High-level Design Sprint @alisonboncha #UXAustralia output is highly conceptual & usually only in sketch form
  7. 7. #1 High-level Design Sprint @alisonboncha #UXAustralia Great for… -inspiration -gamestorming practice -team building bit.ly/GamestormingKit
  8. 8. #2 Product Design Sprint output: high fidelity mocks, sometimes prototypes (keynote, pop, inVision) @alisonboncha #UXAustralia photo from: http://goo.gl/Aee7vw
  9. 9. #2 Product Design Sprint @alisonboncha #UXAustralia Great for - rapid iteration on existing product/feature http://goo.gl/YWjwb7 photo from: http://goo.gl/Aee7vw
  10. 10. Product Design Sprints are awesome! A product design sprint is when group of people spend a short duration of time focused on a clearly defined topic that produces real-looking work. @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  11. 11. Gamestorming “A serious form of play!” @alisonboncha #UXAustralia gamestorming.com/about/
  12. 12. IDEO’s “How Might We” method @alisonboncha #UXAustralia http://goo.gl/A6QIjD
  13. 13. Gamestorming: Storyboard http://goo.gl/nsPD7x @alisonboncha #UXAustralia photo from: http://goo.gl/DCeUjT
  14. 14. Gamestorming: 6-8-5 @alisonboncha #UXAustralia 1.fold sheet of paper into eight regions 2. spend five minutes sketching 6-8 ideas 3. discuss http://goo.gl/nBgPNp
  15. 15. Stick figures for the non artist @alisonboncha #UXAustralia photo from: http://goo.gl/TjDyln
  16. 16. Spend 10 min practicing 1.start simple, lines, squares, circles 2. add shadows, place text within boxes 3. practice stick figures @alisonboncha #UXAustralia http://goo.gl/TjDyln
  17. 17. Less-than-a-day sample agenda 10 min Challenge statement 60 min Understand 20 min Review How Might We’s 10 min User journey 60 min 6-8-5 (2 rounds) 60 min Design / Prototype 30 min Review @alisonboncha #UXAustralia First part of the day sets the context Second part of the day is sketching & ideation & design time
  18. 18. Challenge statement (be specific!) Make it better Create a design-your-own-shoe experience that jumpstarts the imagination of 12-15 yr olds. @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  19. 19. The “Understand” Phase Explain the product: Why? What’s the target market? How are we different than the competition? @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  20. 20. The “Understand” Phase Share research: Personas. What are your current users pain points? Usability study highlights. @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  21. 21. The “Understand” Phase Share design trends and, the types of products your would-be customers use today. @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  22. 22. Discuss & group HMW’s from the “understand” phase wearables @alisonboncha #UXAustralia trustworthiness social media
  23. 23. Then have everyone dot vote! wearables @alisonboncha #UXAustralia trustworthiness social media
  24. 24. User Journey Intent / Task Information Needs Action Feedback End Result Find new shoes Find location nearby compare prices compare options @alisonboncha #UXAustralia Choose color Choose size talk to employees receipt Shoes bought! break them in take pics show off to friends Creating a user journey sets the stage for the sketching to come! It helps group focus their ideas.
  25. 25. 6-8-5’s + discussion + more voting @alisonboncha #UXAustralia Use reward stickers!
  26. 26. Design time, then review @alisonboncha #UXAustralia - have everyone choose one idea from the 6-8-5 session - spend one hour with their fav design tool and create something high fidelity. - Photoshop, Sketch, Keynote, Pop, ect...could even use something like Google slides! whatever is fastest! Encourage Product Managers and Engineers to participate if they’re up to it! - Have everyone explain their mocks at the end of the hour (5 min each). Have stakeholder present to give feedback.
  27. 27. Tips for facilitating Create a “Parking Lot” Engage quieter participants Obey the timer @alisonboncha #UXAustralia
  28. 28. All the links I/O talk: The Design Sprint. From Google Ventures to GoogleX Google Ventures 5 day DIY Guide Gamestorming cheat sheet Gamestorming Design Kit (1 day) @alisonboncha #UXAustralia