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Что я понял на London usability-week 2011 и как нам это поможет

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Сборная солянка из идей и тезисов, которые мне показались важными. Вещи, которые как можно скорее нужно учесть команде Одноклассников в своей работе.

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Что я понял на London usability-week 2011 и как нам это поможет

  1. 1. Что я понял на usability- week и как нам это поможет best practice
  2. 2. Building power• give facts, not emotion• translate your numbers into their numbers• convert results into benefits
  3. 3. Henry Dreyfuss, Industrial designer• Design is a process — an intimate collaboration between engineers, designers, clients
  4. 4. Counterpoint technique• designers stay one and only one step ahead of the engineers
  5. 5. New features• don’t just tack on new feature• part of the price of a new feature is the time to integrate it properly
  6. 6. Quality Assurance• provide HCI checklists• ensure HCI bugs are flagged as real bugs• put aside a percentage of time & money for fixing the old
  7. 7. Tool-tips• teach them only when the need it• teach them only if the need it• track lessons learned, so not repeated
  8. 8. Where to concentrate• New trend: Lower overall quality but raise user-experience quality• Examples:• mp3 vs audio-dvd• You-tube vs HDTV• Wii vs Playstation and Xbox• Drone vs $350 million fighter jet
  9. 9. Too rich• app doesnt track user tasks — all tools always available to user• unsupported belief that these tools are quicker than menu bar• just-right: Google, Amazon
  10. 10. Embrace new context• Accelerate progress with new, clear, simplified way of looking at the world• Clinging to old ways in changing conditions will only retard progress• It took Microsoft 20 years to copy the Mac because, fundamentally, they “just didn’t get it”
  11. 11. Create shared context• brainstorming: keep it small, make it user- centric, engineers can’t say “it’s impossible”• funnel method: start general — end specific• make rich notes filling the walls, avoid electronic white-boards
  12. 12. Sources of noise and low signal• instruction for future tasks• graphics• advertising• branding• confusing layout• missing information• ambiguous information
  13. 13. Guidelines for high s/n ratio on web• offer full instruction for only the immediate task• remove all tools not needed for the immediate task• only necessary graphic• limit and separate advertising• beware of branding overload: first user success than branding• use writer• test, test, test
  14. 14. Information Guidelines• structure so main points visible at a glance• prioritize all by frequency and importance• test
  15. 15. Promote your designs• Yes, your work is wonderful, but you still need to “sell” it• Cover the walls with your work• Keep everyone in the loop• work to maintain continuos “buy in”