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Zoho & Dim Dim Collaboration

  1. CLOUD COMPUTING Group Members: Niaz Ali BSIT-F15-R21 M Usama Khalid BSIT-F14-R45
  2. Topic Covered  What is Zoho?  Zoho’s Applications  Dim Dim Collaboration  How to use Dim Dim?
  3. What is Zoho?  Zoho provides office suite products through an array of rich online applications targeting mostly small and medium businesses.  Has over 25 different applications spanning collaboration, business and productivity apps  Zoho helps the businesses and organizations increase productivity and make collaboration easier.  Zoho was launched in 2005 with a wed based word processor.  More than 3 million registered users.  Zoho’s main competitor are Google Docs & Spreadsheets as well as Microsoft Office.
  4. Zoho’s Applications  Collaborations Apps  Business Apps  Productivity Apps
  5. Collaborations Apps  Chat- makes communication easier & faster.  Docs- store & share files  Discussion- create internal & external communication where problems are solved, topics are discussed and ideas are exchange.  Mail- email business and professionals.  Meetings- online meetings and web-conferencing.  Wiki- online portals for content sharing and group collaborations.
  6. Business Apps  Assist- provide a simple and straight forward user interface to connect to remote computers anywhere.  Challenges- ideal for school, teachers, coaching centers and organization to quickly and efficient administer tests for students, employee and candidates.  Creator- create online database software.  Invoice- manage invoices online, accept payment online.  Helps you stay on top of your business.
  7. Productivity Apps  Calendar- manage and schedule events, meeting and appointments.  Notebook- create different types of content such as text, audio, image and video etc.  Show- create presentation online.  Sheet-create share or collaborate on spreadsheets.  Writer- easy online word processor.
  8. Dim Dim Collaboration Dimdim was a software company that provided a web-based platform for real-time collaboration and meetings. Dimdim provided free web conferencing service where users could share desktops, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam. It has been compared to the WebEx 2.0 web conferencing application.
  9. Advantages of Dim Dim  A single click starts your meetings  A single click shares PPTs, PDFs, whiteboards, even your entire desktop.  A click is all it takes to pass control of the meeting to any attendee.  Pass the mic or webcam around with a single click.  The attendees at a meeting can see the presenter’s live video and desktop while hearing multiple voices-over-IP (VoIP).
  10. How to use Dim Dim? Dimdim Host Meeting Screen Signup/Create Account
  11. How to use Dim Dim? Meeting Scheduled dialog box. Receive an invitation email.
  12. How to use Dim Dim? Sharing whiteboard in a Dimdim meeting Dimdim Web Meeting opening screen.
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