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Agile Testing by Example

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Presentation from XP Days Ukraine 2012 in Kiev (November 2012) about testing practices in Agile processes.

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Agile Testing by Example

  1. Agile Testing by Example Andrii Dzynia & Mikalai Alimenkou @xpinjection & @adzynia 16.11.2012
  2. Andrii DzyniaTest Engineer/Consultant/Trainer http://adzynia.com
  3. Lets take Scrum as Agile process
  5. AgendaPlanning Development Code Review TestingDemo
  6. Sprint Planning Development Code Review Testing Demo User StoryPlanning is essential activity for everybody in Agile teamI. PLANNING
  7. Simple User Story As a Veterinarian I want to find Pet Owner by last name To contact him directly
  8. Planning poker for whole team http://xpinjection.com/2012/06/21/one-day-from-tester-life-planning-poker/
  10. Story planning in Agile Customer Whole team Acceptance + CriteriaCustomer QA engineer Acceptance Behavior + Tests Samples Whole team Functional Unit Integration Tests Tests Tests
  11. Questions from tester Optimistic developerDifferences in Acceptance Criteriaestimations “How we gonna test this?”
  12. Sprint Planning Development Code Review Testing Demo User StoryDevelopment is shared activity in Agile teamII. DEVELOPMENT
  13. First define what to do
  14. DEMO TIME!
  15. Collaboration for better Developer helps withresults implementation details Developer runs UI test to check his core implementation
  16. Sprint Planning Development Code Review Testing Demo User StoryAll code should be reviewed by another team memberIII. CODE REVIEW
  17. Code without review is a bomb
  18. DEMO TIME!
  19. Developer helps testerAll code should be with reusablereviewed components Measure and check code coverage
  20. Sprint Planning Development Code Review Testing Demo User StoryTesting should be done in Agile team as well, but differentlyIV. TESTING
  21. Manual testing is also important
  22. DEMO TIME!
  23. Prepare functionalTesting sessions map Make notes duringUse video recorder testing Heuristics
  24. Sprint Planning Development Code Review Testing Demo User StoryThe main goal of the demo in Agile team is accepting work doneV. DEMO
  25. Demo is a team activity in Agile
  26. DEMO TIME!
  27. Comments for futureimprovementsShowing acceptance tests runon demo
  28. is based on continuousimprovement
  29. Useful links• http://www.thucydides.info/ - official Thucydideswebsite• https://github.com/thucydides-webtests - project onGitHub
  30. me@adzynia.comhttp://adzynia.com@adzynia @xpinjection http://xpinjection.com mikalai.alimenkou@xpinjection.com