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Case study

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Case study

  1. 1. Case study• Published by Bauer Media, Kerrang! Is the worlds biggest selling weekly music magazine.• Aimed at target audience which is 16-24 year olds made up of 60% males and 40% female readers. .• Based around the rock genre, Kerrang! includes, interviews, gig reviews, posters and the latest news.• “Kerrang! lives life loud for its army of dedicated, music loving fans.”-Bauer Media• Kerrang! also has its own music channel.• Kerrang! is also on the radio.• Each year Kerrang! hosts a tour sponsored by Relentless, that has different acts each year.• Kerrang! hosts an awards ceremony for the artists and bands.• If that wasn’t enough for readers to stay in touch they can also access Kerrang!’s Twitter and Facebook pages here:www.twitter.com/kerrangmagazinehttp://www.facebook.com/kerrangmagazine Kerrang! A magazine of the rock genre was first published on 6 June 1981 as a one-off supplement inthe Sounds newspaper, which focused on the new wave of British Heavy Metal. Kerrang also used to bepublished fortnightly but soon became weekly after it gained mass amounts of popularity.The original owner of kerrang! Was united newspapers who then sold it to EMAP in 1991 . In 2008 EMAP soldkerrang magazine to it’s current publisher Bauer Media
  2. 2. This magazine is a poster and Masthead that is unique and iconic to kerrang. Makes the magazine instantlyinterview special of recognisable. It is also conventional and in the same place any other magazine wouldParamore. Sometimes place their masthead. The title is also in a cracked shattered glass like effect that couldmagazines do this to bring in suggest or link to the rock genremore money and a better Uses buzz words like ‘special’audience range. repeatedly to capture the attention ofButton type effect to the readeremphasis a currentmagazine offer. This one is of The main dominant image of this2 giant posters with 22 more magazine is the band and it coversinside. This is done to the full magazine page. This isengage, entice and influence common of music magazine’s and iskerrang! ‘s target audience to done to emphasis the mainbuy the magazine which are attraction of the magazine which isteenagers, theyd find this the big artist interviewoffer appealing to them asthey put posters on theirbedroom walls . The front cover of this magazine doesnt have any headlines justThe layout of the magazine is features of what is included inside.quite neat overall but it seems to This is done due to this specific issuebe mostly interviews layed out on being only about paramorethe left –hand side, this is done sothat all the band members can beseen on the main dominant image The different size fonts make it lessTo keep it professional all the boring and creates a more attractivephotos are in line with the layout. This then makes the magazinemasthead on the side so it more appealing overalldoesnt look messy and unprofessionalThe bar code and price is a main ‘’HAYLEY SPEAKS’ in the bottom rightconvention in every hand corner- this is there to persuademagazine, because it shows the the target audience into reading theprice of the magazine which the magazine as it implies Hayley hasaudience need to know something important to say.
  3. 3. Kerrang! ‘s contact details along Kerrang! Have kept their house style the same for with the icon of their publishing their content’s page as they have for their front house Bauer Media cover. This makes the magazine look more professional and creates a form of consistency ‘it’s a riot’- Clever use of words which relate back to the latest paramore album ‘riot’ that was the newest release at the time of the magazine issue interview. This is done to keep the continuous paramore theme throughout the articleCredits of the magazine-Showswho was responsible formarketing,production,photogra The main heading and sub titlesphy etc. This is done so that if along with the page numbersany reader has any enquiry’s are all in capital letters. This isabout the magazine they can be done to emphasis thefulfilled. importance of each main point of interest for the reader which makes it easier for them to navigate through the magazine Graphic features used to appeal to the target audience and to make the magazine look more interesting but to also attract attention to different areas of the magazine ‘pull-out giant poster’ influential buzz words used to spark an interest in the target audience
  4. 4. Kerrang!’s house style on this double spread is consistent Grab line used as the main title to grab the with three main colours of readers attention. The title is in red and white red, white and black. T which contrasts the black backgroundThe central image isof the lead singer ofthe band. This isdone for people thatarent familiar withthe band to be ableto recognise the keymember There are also multiple images in the bottom right hand corner and this shows