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Product School final presentation

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This is the presentation I made for my final project at Product School for the Product Management course. I graduated on January 2016 and I highly recommend the school!

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Product School final presentation

  1. 1. Flickr Photo routes feature Alfonso Muñoz
  2. 2. Company context - Founded in 2004, was acquired by Yahoo Inc. in 2005 for $25M - Some numbers: - 112M users (June 2015) - 1M images uploaded daily(Feb 2014) - 10 billions images hosted (May 2015) - Main features: - upload your photos to your “photostream” with title, comments and metadata - option to comment, tag and share photos - access controlled by the uploader user - ordering by albums - three types of account: Free, AdFree and Doublr - filtering - licensing CC
  3. 3. Competitors Feature Audit Geolocation YES YES YES YES NO Organization YES NO YES YES YES Share YES YES YES YES YES Routes NO NO NO NO NO Not considered:
  4. 4. Photos with locations - Maps based on geotagged photos - Routes services - Social networks - Smartphones
  5. 5. Persona Chiara Ferranti - Young italian engineer who likes photography and travel - She stores and shares her “professional”photo work in Flickr since years ago - She uses Instagram daily - She travels around Europe every three months and always carries with her camera
  6. 6. Photo routes - Create albums with favorites photos - Generate optimal tour - Active the route and follow the steps - Share the route
  7. 7. Design & Prototype
  8. 8. Metrics Customer lifecycle - Acquisition: User clicks on the route tab (mobile or desktop) - Activation: User generates a route - Retention: User actually follows a route - Referral: User shares a route and user 2 follows shared route - Revenue: User keeps generating routes Key Performance Indicators - # routes generated by user - # routes followed by the user - # routes shared by user - # routes followed from other users - # albums converted into routes by user
  9. 9. Go to market plan Pre -Launch LaunchPost-Launch - Landing page - Email campaign - Beta for internal use and hard users with feedback - Blog posts, reviews - SEO, SEM, ASO
  10. 10. Other potential features related - Partnership with art galleries, museums, parks, cities, touristic guide editors - Partnership with sport apps like Runtastic, Nike+, Adidas miCoach
  11. 11. Thank you alfonsomm@gmail.com alfonsomm.com