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SEO best practices and recommendations for Mobile sites

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Mobile SEO - Aleyda Solis

  1. 1. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis International SEO Consultant Twitter: @aleyda Web: www.aleydasolis.comLinkedIn:
  2. 2. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Mobile Search? Oh Yeah! Mobile is sooo important
  3. 3. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 44% Of US population has a Smartphone 51% of UK population Source:
  4. 4. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 62% Of US Smartphone users search on a daily basis 58% of Spain population Source:
  5. 5. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 5X Google’s mobile search has grown in the last 2 years in Spain Give me Five Source:
  6. 6. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 32% Has bought a product or service from a smartphone in the US I also buy with my smartphone Source:
  7. 7. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Why Mobile SEO? This needs to be Optimized
  8. 8. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 61%only look at the 1st page of results when conducting a search on their smartphone One does not simply appear on the 1st page of results Source:
  9. 9. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 57% Say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site What an ugly site Source:
  10. 10. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda My website is still not optimized for Mobile What Should I do now?
  11. 11. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Verify how your site looks in mobile devices Use Screenfly to check how your site looks in a mobile device:
  12. 12. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda It Looks Horrible
  13. 13. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Let’s Optimize it Now
  14. 14. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 1. Get to know your mobile audience
  15. 15. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda How many visits do you have from mobile devices? Use Google Analytics to verify if you have enough mobile visitors
  16. 16. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda What mobile technology are your visitors using? Use Google Analytics to verify the device, provider, operating system, screen resolution of your mobile audience
  17. 17. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda How are you found in mobile search? Use Google Webmaster Tools to identify the keywords and pages with more mobile search visibility
  18. 18. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda How are you visited from mobile search? Use Google Analytics to identify the keywords and pages with more mobile traffic
  19. 19. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda How does your mobile audience search? Perform a keyword research focusing on mobile users. Use the Google Keyword research tool.
  20. 20. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleydaYou already have the information to start your Mobile SEO Process 1. 2. 3. KEYWORDS AND CONTENT VOLUME AND KEYWORDS AND PAGES WITH THE HIGHEST CHARACTERISTICS OF YOUR WITH ACTIVITY COMING POTENTIAL IN YOUR MOBILE CURRENT MOBILE USERS FROM MOBILE SEARCH SEARCH MARKETFor which device do I have to optimize? What content do I have to prioritize? For which keywords do I have to rank? With this data you will be able to focus your mobile SEO strategy
  21. 21. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda2. Develop & Optimize your Mobile Site
  22. 22. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleydaFocus on developing for the mobile device used by your audience Fail Remember that smartphone penetration will grow 35% this year ... and that your site should prioritize these users, not feature phone’s that tend to disappear
  23. 23. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Where should I enable my mobile version? 1. The same URL 2. Different URL PROS PROS Unique content Less development complexity Easy and less expensive to maintain More flexibility and mobile content differentiation Popularity / Authority consolidation A likely better mobile usability CONS CONS Possible redesign and re-coding of the Web Content duplication issues Less control and possible differentiation of mobile content More effort required for link / authority building Lower mobile focused experience Higher maintenance cost What about an App?This would be the next step: If you have enough technical resources, a critical mass of users from a specific device and a successful mobile site.
  24. 24. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda One URL to rule them all +
  25. 25. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Preferred Implementation alternative: Responsive Web Design “Responsive web design is the best way to go for mobile SEO” Pierre Far Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst at SMX London
  26. 26. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Which is the best option in your situation? 1. The same URL 2. Different URL Recommended Recommended If your content / mobile offer is the same than the desktop one If your content / mobile offer is very different than the desktop one For new sites or CMS can easily implement responsive Web design If it’s too difficult to implement responsive Web design If most of the mobile users have smartphones / tablets Most of the mobile users have feature phones
  27. 27. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 1. One URL: With Responsive Web Design = Take a look at the new design of
  28. 28. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 1. One URL: With Responsive Web Design Use a framework like to speed the development process
  29. 29. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 2. Different URL: Identify and Redirect mobile users and bots This is not cloaking if both see the same content. Don’t block your mobile version with robots.txt If your mobile content is duplicated (it shouldn’t) include a canonical tag.
  30. 30. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 2. Different URL: Identify and Redirect mobile users and bots
  31. 31. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda2. Different URL: Inform about your mobile version with a Sitemap
  32. 32. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda2. Different URL: Indicate the mobile version with a Handheld Tag
  33. 33. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Take into consideration mobile tech restrictions Make sure the mobile site content is accessible: Beware of Flash, Scripts, etc.
  34. 34. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Enhance your website Speed Externalizing Minifying Caching Avoid bandwith and user’s waiting time problems. Use Page Speed or ySlow.
  35. 35. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Organize the content thinking on your mobile user Web design consistency Easy navigation Show telephone number Map visualization option Focus on conversion Remember that your mobile user has less flexibility to browse from a mobile phone: Prioritize the important content
  36. 36. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Link between the mobile and desktop versions Include a link in the page’s footer With an option to download App if you have one
  37. 37. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Follow the “traditional” SEO Criteria Popularity References + Relevancy Content If you have just one URL with responsive Web design you don’t need to duplicate your efforts
  38. 38. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Localize your Mobile Content Create and optimize pages for each localization. Include local address and phone number. Use Microdata for businesses and reviews. Create page in Google+ Local. Create citations and links from local sites And the Map? 94% of smartphone users in the US have looked for local information
  39. 39. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda 3. Beyond the Web, Optimize Apps
  40. 40. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Follow Relevancy and Authority Principles Relevancy of the name, provider, description. Popularity in the number and growth of downloads, ratings and reviews.
  41. 41. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Watch the status and updates of Apps search engines
  42. 42. Mobile SEO Aleyda Solis | @aleyda Thank you! Got Questions? Twitter: @aleyda Web: LinkedIn: