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Bookkeeping Services

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Be one of the most fortunate of people who have been blessed with the opportunity to avail the services of the finest company with the best bookkeeping services.

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Bookkeeping Services

  1. 1. Bookkeeping Features You are going to love the way we manage your books – We guarantee it!  Automate your Bills and Expenses with Credow  Banking and Credit Card Account Reconciliation Services  Financial Reporting Services  Hosted Xero in the Cloud  Business Cash Flow Management  Streamlined Financial Management Process Main Office USA 2855 Mangum Road, Suite 435-A Houston, TX 77092 |281-858-3935| 800-959-3873 |info@credow.com
  2. 2. Bookkeeping at our end Under this option you need to scan and upload the financial documents e.g. Bills, Invoices, bank statement, receipts, purchase orders, cash expenses details etc. After receiving the required document Credow’s team will start processing them. We will update the accounting software file which will already be provided by you and opened on our Virtual Server. When all documents will be updated in bookkeeping software we will provide you with your reports and the updated accounting software file in Credow’s repository. Note that you may not require the updated file back if you don’t want to manage the transactions on your end.
  3. 3. How we provide services? Taxation Services Payroll Services Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual Reporting Xero and Quickbooks for your bookkeeping Safe and secure way to transfer your data Military Grade Security for sharing your documents Easy to use and latest tools to manage your financials effortlessly Accurate results – Guaranteed! All the time
  4. 4. How It works?
  5. 5. Why Us? • Are your Flexible and Responsive Trusted Adviser • Help you Balance Your Business and Personal Needs • Cater to Proprietors, LLCs, Partnerships and Corporations • Specialize in Real Estate, Restaurants, Medical, Construction Industries • Always share your Fixed Cost upfront • Provide other Value-Add Services and can be your single source of financial services • Possess Professional Qualification and are staffed with CPAs
  6. 6. 2855 Mangum Road, Suite 435-A Houston, TX 77092 Phone: 281-858-3935| 800-959-3873 Fax: 866-899-7604 Email: info@credow.com Website: http://www.credow.com Contact Us We Are Certified Member of: