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Share point 2013 for intranets and the digital workplace (1)

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Share point 2013 for intranets and the digital workplace (1)

  1. SharePoint 2013 for Intranets and the digital workplace Michal Pisarek and Alex Manchester presenters names Wednesday 6th / Thursday 7month, day,2013 th February year #SP13iDW
  2. Slide TitleYour webinar team Step Two Designs Dynamic Owl Alex Manchester (Host) Michal Pisarek (Host) Step Two Designs Dynamic Owl Catherine Grenfell Step Two Designs Denise Ching Dynamic Owl Stephen Byrne Step Two Designs
  3. Slide Title AgendaToday’s What we’re covering today: Content authoring Mobile capabilities The social experience Enterprise search SP2010 v SP2013
  4. Slide TitleParticipating today You should be seeing: Presentation screen Attendee list (500 registrations!) Audio: Any problems with audio try switching audio mode Questions: Send questions! They go directly to producers Selected questions will be answered throughout. Well answer as many questions as we can today and afterwards On Twitter: #SP13iDW @michalpisarek @alex_manchester
  5. Content authoring version of Poll: Which(DEMO) SharePoint?
  6. Content authoring
  7. Slide Title authoring: a new experienceContent Multiple browser support Less finicky compared to SP2010 Multiple usability enhancements Support for digital assets
  8. Slide Title authoring: copy from wordContent Semantic and HTML markup No more crazy styles being injected in Great for content authors
  9. Slide Title authoring: image renditionsContent Crop and control image dimensions Pre-define rendition sizes Great for mobile content
  10. Slide Title authoring: video supportContent Embed from external sources Play across devices HTML 5 Player Automatic thumbnail capture
  11. Slide Title authoring: embedding contentContent Embed content directly within pages Control accessible domains Great way to make use of external content
  12. Slide Title authoring: cautions and limitationsContent Easier for content authors – old and new External content embedding and control a major plus for many organizations Cross browser and platform capabilities improved Can’t drag and drop images directly onto the page It’s still ‘not like Word’ (but can it ever be?
  13. Content authoring(DEMO)
  14. Content authoring Mobile capabilities(DEMO)
  15. Slide TitleMobile capabilities: what’s new? Multiple views for content: Class, Contemporary and Full Screen Device Channels Push Notifications Locations Native Apps for SharePoint 2013 Custom API’s
  16. Slide TitleMobile capabilities: device channels Target content based on User- Agent header Each channel can be associated with a Master Page Reuse content that is targeted to specific devices
  17. Slide TitleMobile capabilities: APIs Many new APIs to be able to create Mobile Apps WP8 Template available New API’s: • CSOM • REST • Odata / OAuth
  18. Slide TitleMobile capabilities: optimized for mobile browsers Classic: Same as SP2010 Contemporary: HTML 5 Based Full Screen: For tablets Enabled on certain site templates by default
  19. Slide TitleMobile capabilities: SharePoint 2013 mobile apps iOS and Windows Phone only (no Android) Focused on the social experience in SP2013 Mentions, #tags, photos Great way to encourage social adoption
  20. Slide TitleMobile capabilities: cautions and limitations The capabilities are there but it will still require significant development experience No real way of previewing mobile content when authoring Organizations can be hesitant to open firewalls up for SharePoint
  21. Content authoring The social experience(DEMO)
  22. Slide TitleThe social experience: whats new? Basically everything  Social is now integral to SharePoint Massive improvements compared to SP2010 The purchase of Yammer causes questions…
  23. PollContent authoring(DEMO) social platform? Your
  24. Slide TitleThe social experience: the newsfeed Centralized newsfeed for everyone now available Can utilize #Tags, @mentions, replies and embedding of content See people and content you follow, everything and mentions
  25. Slide TitleThe social experience: following People: Appear in your newsfeed Documents: See updated documents Sites: See site related activities Tags: Newsfeed Tags
  26. Slide TitleThe social experience: tasks Synchronize tasks across multiple task lists New ‘Timeline’ feature to organize tasks Easy to manage tasks centrally
  27. Slide TitleThe social experience: site listing Centralized listing of sites that you follow Administrators can promote sites Community Portal aggregates Community sites
  28. Slide TitleThe social experience: SkyDrive Pro Your own private content storage area Simple offline capabilities for users With Office 2013 your content ‘moves’ with you
  29. Slide TitleThe social experience: cautions and limitations Advanced social requirements will still require third party tools Yammer integration path is opaque “Going social” is still more a matter of culture than technology
  30. The social experienceContent authoring(DEMO) (DEMO)
  31. Content authoring Enterprise search(DEMO)
  32. Slide TitleEnterprise search: what’s new? Biggest improvements apart from social No more FAST search Analytics all driven by search Provides WCM capabilities Previews of content available
  33. Slide TitleEnterprise search: user interface Fluid Previews available Mixing of content Flyout panels
  34. Slide TitleEnterprise search: analytics and suggestions Search tracks clicks and provides suggestions Recommendations and user behaviour captured Many interesting Intranet scenarios
  35. Slide TitleEnterprise search: display templates Display search results based on the type of content Defined in HTML Huge potential for search
  36. Slide TitleEnterprise search: cautions and whats missing Search requires significant infrastructure to work (poor setup kills performance) The skill sets required in configuring and optimising search are not prevalent in the corporate environment If your content is poor, search isnt going to fix it
  37. Content authoring SP2010 v 2013(DEMO)
  38. Slide Title Points for SharePoint 2013Decision SharePoint 2013 is pretty stable It’s had significant testing on Office365 already. Planning to move to SP2010 from SP2007? Reconsider. In the middle of moving? Do a gap analysis on business needs and features.
  39. Slide Title PointsDecision • SP2013: Significant social tools and features Social • SP2010: Look for third party products to address gaps • SP2013: FAST Search part of product, new features Search • SP2010: Powerful, FAST can be cumbersome • SP2013: Mobile capabilities baked in Mobility • SP2010: Significant investment required • SP2013: Support for browsers outside of IE Compatibility • SP2010: Issues with non-IE Browsers
  40. Questions?
  41. Content authoring Wrap-up(DEMO)
  42. Slide Title what we’ve coveredWrap-up: Content authoring Mobile features The social experience Enterprise search SP2010 versus SP2013
  43. Slide Title future sessionsWrap-up: Collaboration The WCM model Advanced social requirements and more… Let us know what you’d like to learn more about!
  44. Slide Title Designs and Dynamic OwlStep Two Intranets 2013 Earlybird pricing until March 13th! www.steptwo.com.au/conference Best practices for SharePoint intranets 10% discount for webinar attendees until 28 February! Code: s2d-webinar-59491 www.steptwo.com.au/products/sharepoint-intranets
  45. Slide Title contact detailsWrap-up: Michal Pisarek (Vancouver) Dynamic Owl E: Michal@dynamicowl.com • Consulting and design of SharePoint T: @michalpisarek from a business perspective W: dynamicowl.com Alex Manchester (Sydney) Step Two Designs E: alex@steptwo.com.au • Intranet research, strategy & design T: @alex_manchester • Intranets2013 conference (Sydney) W: StepTwo.com.au • Intranet Innovation Awards • Books, reports and articles
  46. Slide Title Michal Pisarek (Vancouver) Alex Manchester (Sydney) E: Michal@dynamicowl.com E: alex@steptwo.com.au T: @michalpisarek T: @alex_manchester W: dynamicowl.com W: StepTwo.com.au