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2015-06-10 Digitale
anno 2015
VP, Global Lead Customer
Experience Management – Oracle...
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2015 06-10 digitale marketingtransformatie anno 2015 01 matthew banks

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NyMaS & VCV MarCom Symposium Digitale Marketingtransformatie Anno 2015. Mindmap door Alexis van Dam van spreker Vincent van den Boogert.

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2015 06-10 digitale marketingtransformatie anno 2015 01 matthew banks

  1. 1. 2015-06-10 Digitale marketingtransformatie anno 2015 Matthew Banks VP, Global Lead Customer Experience Management – Oracle Medieval Spanish poetry Started his career in a theatre Intro That Digital thing is a challenge You remember how people make you feel Customer experience guy Digital transformation as you see it It is not the strongest who survives... Darwin: It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change Thus 1 Embrace your customer + 2 Understand your value = 3 Develop capabilities History 1514 (500 years ago) Copernicus Sun revolved around world 1762: (+/-250 years) James Watt Machine Industrial revolution Change in society 1989 (25 years ago ) Tim Berners Lee Invented HTML Connected people and things in a new way Birth of digital age Today Social Mobile Cloud New empowerment New expectations New behaviour The way she thinks = significant Survival in the digital economy Anastacia Her money Her time Her data Gaining trust Earning access New centre of gravity Oracle customer Stories Starbucks Simple approach Buy 4 cups and get the 5th for free Charge cards on your mobile phone In 300 millisecond Know where you are What you buy Loyalty points Social gift (over to someone else) Where are your friends It is a payment platform Birthday: free cake Neighbour bookshop: you book is half price Innovate & connect It works Nike Running market Fuelband Building apps Connect to phones Fashion statement It stopped It is not the device It is the connection Software Nike ID In 6 weeks a customised shoe Maersk Shipping line Make new kinds of connection Social wall Conversation with people at sea Libraries Heatmaps Connections Communities It works: 1.71 mln likes Change From physical based offering to digital From product based to service based 1 Digital connection Digital is enabler Faster Cheaper Sustainable Customer has not changed The World has The Way of connecting to customer has 2 Expectations Amazon uses drones for delivery British Airways Body becomes a sensor Check in Duty free Personal info Digital tension Exchange value with new customer Win digital is hard Seats are important Sustainable value Operations vs innovations Book: dealing with Darwin - Geoffrey A Moore Sustaining innovation Book: The innovator's dilemma - Clayton M. Christensen Digital disruption Customer experience Operational efficiency Business model Starbucks: coffee will become free It is about services Technology enabled/ digital creativity Meet need vs create need, thus Star gazers Shape demand Create new solutions Nokia won on business model lost on the restApple won with apps Understand the movement Building ecosystems RelevantUseful UsableSimple MeaningfulEnaging Wrap-up Connection Knowledge People Systems Marketing myopia Theodore Levitt Https://hbr.org/2004/07/marketing-myopia Journey mapping Visual mapping what it is to be your customer Design and implement The agile ecosystem Innovate quickly Digital business platform Design patterns Innovation Speed Scale API economy] Transient Dynamic Ad hoc Intelligent enterprise Digital leaders Connect Rethink Survival of the fittest? Recruiting the right people Analysis Digital person Responsiveness Love for change Acceptance where creativity technology comes together Naive excitement Legenda Leesinstructie Met de klok mee Vanuit het centrum naar buiten Per tak van boven naar beneden Legenda Vraag Belangrijke opmerkingen Mindmapping door: www.ConnectionOfMinds.com NyMaS Symposium | 10 juni 2015 | Mindmap gemaakt door Alexis van Dam | www.ConnectionOfMinds.com