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Internet of things (IoT) Patent Wars 2020 Scenarios Infographics

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As the smartphone market matured, many companies are looking for the post-smartphone market that can generate new revenues. Many market researchers expect that the interconnected IoT (Internet of Things) devices will create a new market that will result in more than $1 trillion in value added to the global economy within 10 years. In the short term, wearable computing devices are expected to form an early IoT market by interconnecting body-sensing devices and providing useful personal services including healthcare.

As we have seen in the smartphone market development, it is expected that the super-competition to preoccupy the leadership in the lucrative IoT market can lead to another round of patent wars. The post-smartphone patent wars, however, will be more extensive because of more extensive participation of players across several different industries. The post-smartphone patent wars will also be more complex because of the recent rapid change in legal environment and the learning curve from the smartphone patent wars.

To assess the potential patent disputes risk of the IoT, patent landscapes of three major IoT applications – smart home, connected cars, smart healthcare (including healthcare/fitness wearable devices) – and IoT platform connectivity are researched. Followings summarize the potential patent disputes risk for each subfield of the IoT.

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Internet of things (IoT) Patent Wars 2020 Scenarios Infographics

  1. 1. Internet of things (IoT) Patent Wars 2020 Scenarios Infographics Samsung Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Smart Home Connected Car Connected Health Apple Smart Home Connected Car Connected Health Google Smart Home Connected Car Connected Health Intel Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Connected Car Connected Health Qualcomm Chip/Platform/Conn ectivity GE Smart Home Connected Health Industrial IoT Philips Smart Home Connected Health Cisco Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Smart Home Connected Car Connected Health Industrial IoT Ericsson Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Connected Car Nokia Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Connected Car LG Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Smart Home Connected Car Amazon Smart Home Cloud Microsoft Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Cloud IBM Connected Health Industrial IoT IoT Analytics Oracle Cloud Industrial IoT IoT Analytics GM/Ford/Toyota /Nissan/Honda/ Hyundai Connected Car Huawei Chip/Platform/Co nnectivity Connected Car Siemens Connected Car Connected Health Industrial IoT Panasonic Chip/Platform/Conne ctivity Smart Home Connected Car Honeywell Smart Home Industrial IoT Fitbit Smart Home Connected Health Verizon Smart Home Connected Car AT&T Smart Home Connected Car IncumbentsSMEsNPEs Allure Energy Smart Home Bodymedia Connected Health Ecofactor Smart Home Ecobee Smart Home Echostar Smart Home ABL IP Smart Home Color Kinetics Smart Home Flextronics Connected Car Bosch Connected Car Connected Health Denso Connected Car Hello Inc. Connected Health Valencell Connected Health BlackRock Advisors Connected Health DexCom Connected Health Cardiac Pacemakers Connected Health American Vehicular Sciences Connected Car Intellectual Ventures Connected Car Connectivity Omega Patents Connected Car Empire IP Connected Health IP Holdings Connected Health ETRI Connectivity IoT Analytics ITRI Connectivity Convida Wireless Connectivity SCA IPLA HOLDING Connectivity Zscaler Cloud InterDigital Connectivity Optis Cellular Technology Connectivity Internet of Things (IoT) Patent Landscape and Innovation Leadership 4Q 2015 Internet of Things (IoT) Patent Disputes Risk Assessment Post-Smartphone (Wearable & IoT Devices) Patent Wars Started: How To Prepare? Refs Alex G. Lee (alexglee@techipm.com) ©2016 TechIPm, LLC All Rights Reserved http://www.techipm.com/