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Class Intro.: Software Design

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This is the intro. to a 14-session software design class. Syllabus: https://www.alexandercowan.com/software-design-in-person-class/

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Class Intro.: Software Design

 WELCOME Alex Cowan ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  2. 2. © COWAN+ MANAGERS OF THE FUTURE 1. Will create digital experiences that are rewarding and enhance human intelligence 2. Will use the tools of design to integrate business and technology with user experience 3. Will work collaboratively in small, interdisciplinary teams 4. Will be proficient with evidence-driven innovation ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  3. 3. © COWAN+ BUILDING A SOFTWARE PRODUCT/VENTURE GETTING CHEAPER Source: CB Insights $5,000,000 $500,000 $50,000 $5,000 2011200920052000 Open source and horizontal scaling Cloud and AWS COST TO LAUNCH A TECH STARTUP
  4. 4. © COWAN+ BUT IT’S TOUGHER THAN EVER TO CREATE VALUE Sources: see bit.ly/sw-class 64% of Features Rarely or Never Used 50-70% of IT Projects Fail 90% of New Products Fail
  5. 5. © COWAN+ YOU, THE FUTURE MANAGER Source: Martin Eriksson UX Tech Business
  6. 6. © COWAN+ THE PRODUCT MANAGER AND THEIR PRODUCT PIPELINE Qualitative & Quantitative Discussable, Actionable, Testable Valuable, Validated, Testable
  7. 7. © COWAN+ COURSE POSITIONING Objective To function as an interdisciplinary lead/coach in a modern (agile) digital team. Takeaways Fluency in designing, testing, and collaborating for usability. Expectations Prepared for case discussions and in-class project reviews Difficulty Relatively high- there is hands-on work and (on scale) relatively high workload ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  8. 8. © COWAN+ COURSE EXPERIENCE 1. Introductory Cases introduction to case-driven applied design concepts in a simplified environment 2. Project Execution application of design concepts against student-generated projects 3. Design Reviews reviews and explanations of your work intra-team, inter-team (peer review), 
 intra-class ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  9. 9. © COWAN+ COURSE EXPERIENCE ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF sessions (roughly)estimatedclassprep. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Prep. & Dry Run Test Suite Digital 
 Prototype Test 
 Results (2) User Stories Peer Review User Stories +
 Comp’s Prototypes Peer Review Test 
 Results (2) Coding Case (HTML) Coding Case (CSS) Coding Case (Debugging)
  10. 10. © COWAN+ + DIGITAL PM? ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  11. 11. © COWAN+ COURSE DETAILS 1. Grading Attendance & Participation: 30%
 Individual Assignments: 30% Final Project (Group): 40% 2. Working Environments Google Doc’s highly preferred but MSFT365 also OK. 3. Resources & References Notes, industry posts, Google Docs templates ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  12. 12. © COWAN+ ABOUT ME Entrepreneur (5x) Intrapreneur (1x) ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF
  13. 13. © COWAN+ ABOUT ME ALEX COWAN | alexandercowan.com | @cowanSF bit.ly/hiagile
  14. 14. © COWAN+ 3 CREDIT IS (OR DS) IN Q3, Q4: DIGITAL CAPSTONE Data Science in Business (Q1+Q2) Software Design (Q1) Software Development (J-Term) PREREQUISITES 1. Decide what problems/jobs are worth solving with software/digital 2. Use qualitative and quantitative customer insights to create a testable focus 3. Focus their work around testable hypotheses and best practice design inputs 4. Instrument the right observations into their applications (inputs to data science/digital analytics) 5. Move from design to code 6. Make test-driven decisions on what to do next LEARNING OBJECTIVES bit.ly/digicapstone APPLY