Rocket & Sundried
tomato Salad
Fresh crispy rocket served with sundried
tomatoes, sweetcorn, crispy bacon bits with
feta and an olive dressing.
Garlic butter seared Ribeye served with slow
cooked potatoes and crispy blanched veggies
and a red wine sauce
Chicken Puffs
Crumbed Chicken breast puffs stuffed with
mozzarella cheese served with a mixed leaf
salad and a sweet Chilli dipping sauce
Crumbed Chicken
Oven baked crumbed chicken served with
savoury couscous and a balsamic reduction.
Platter for One
Homemade spring rolls, juicy chilli meatballs
and chicken parcels
Seafood Delight
Mixed seafood of poached squid heads, hake
nuggets & prawns served with a citrus sauce
Buffalo Wings
6 Buffalo wings served on a smoked BBQ
sauce and a lightly dressed parsley salad.
Fillet of Beef
Flame Grilled fillet of beef on a rack of potato
wedges, mushrooms & steamed veggies.
Pan Seared Sirloin
Pan seared sirloin steak on a bed of mixed
blanched veggies topped with freshly cut
avocado and a pumpkin soup
Tempura Prawn
Beer battered prawns deep fried to a crispy
Naan Bread Pockets
Naan bread pockets stuffed with Cajun
sautéed beef strips served with straight cut
chips and an onion and cucumber salad and a
creamy salad dressing.
Spicy Pork Samosas
Crunchy spicy pork samosas and a sweet
chilli & lemon infused mayo dipping.
Beef fillet Salad
Thinly sliced seared beef fillet topped with
rocket. Parsley and carrot strips drizzled with
lime Aioli dressing.
Battered Hake
Beer battered hake with steamed veg chips
and tartare sauce.
Beef Ribeye
Ribeye of beef with a toasted mince
sandwich, butternut purée & wilted spinach.
Fillet of Pork
Grilled fillet of pork on a bed of enhanced
mushroom sauce served with a flaky
vegetable puff pie!
Sirloin Steak
BBQ sauced fried steak on a creamy potato
mash and onion rings.
Pan Seared Hake
Crisp pan seared hake served with a creamy
mushroom pie wilted spinach, beetroot
puree & tartare sauce.
Veg Pasta Stake!
Layers of pasta alternating with veggies
topped with a curry sauce.
Fillet of beef
Beef fillet served with a curry sauce, veg and
parsnip barle.y
Crumbed Chicken
Flavourful crumbed chicken served with a
beetroot puree, veggies and a potato gratin.
Vanilla Muffin
Fluffy vanilla muffin served with strawberry
coolie and strawberries.
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Slice of fudge cake and a balanced cream
frosting and strawberry coolie.
Sorbet Delight
Delightful citrus sorbet served with chocolate
Slice of tiramisu flavoured with a rich ciro
filter coffee and tennis biscuits.
Lime Cheese Cake
Lemon Infused cheese cake topped with a
strawberry jelly.
Chocolate Bar Cake
Rich chocolate bar cake served with a scoop
of vanilla Ice cream.
Meaty Platter
Meatballs, sausage rolls, prawns, pork riblets
& fish fingers.
Scone & Muffin Platter
Assorted muffins of blueberry chocolate and
cheese scones.
Lemon & Herb chicken wings, beef meat
balls, veg tortilla wraps, veg & cheddar
skewers & bacon wrapped cheese grillers.
Circle of Love
Spring rolls, chicken wings, pork riblets,
prawns and cheese tortillas.
Ultimate Seafood
Served with rice and three sauces from
sweet chilli, mustard & lime aioli! Grilled
calamari, squid heads, prawns & hake.
The Eye
Mini pizza, cheese topped Provita and an
array of delights
Kids Party Fruit Platter
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