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Football fans stay loyal

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Anthropological perspective of loyal football fans at the local sports bar and grill.

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Football fans stay loyal

  1. 1. Football Fans Stay Loyal Anna Bisou Anthropology 102 ProfessorWolfe September, 28th 2015
  2. 2. Local sports bar and restaurant
  3. 3. Looking for loyal fans of any sport this day was not hard to find. I could easily spot them out through their clothing.
  4. 4. I could see people wearing blue or orange, but who was playing?
  5. 5. The Denver Broncos and the Detroit Lions Picture from internet
  6. 6. The use of space was very obvious, larger groups of fans sat further away from opposing fans while speckles of fans sat in between.
  7. 7. When the Broncos (orange team) scored a touch down, they made sure the whole place knew it.
  8. 8. But you need to congratulate for great defense.
  9. 9. The rule for loyalty to a team is to cheer.
  10. 10. .. or to patiently wait.
  11. 11. ..or to pray for a miracle.
  12. 12. ..and then leave hoping no one notices.