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Offer For Developers Of Casual Games

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Offer For Developers Of Casual Games.

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Offer For Developers Of Casual Games

  1. 1. F ounded in 1999, we are one of the largest publishers of casual games worldwide. Our publishing portfolio consists of about 130 projects created by its own studies as well as outside teams. We invite casual game developers to work with us to create world-class, commercially successful projects on the PC, Mac®, iPhone®, PSP®, Android®, Nintendo DS® and social networks. The terms of cooperation are individual to each case. Publishing casual games is a multi-step process encompassing the journey Offer for of a game from an idea to a finished product. developers of casual games 3
  2. 2. Introducing a new game on the market is accompanied by risks of failure that can result from a variety of bad decisions, from a poorly chosen genre to the wrong kind of soundtrack. Through their thorough knowledge of the casual gaming market, its idiosyncrasies and trends, as well as the structure and needs of the audience for casual games, our producers can help you to avoid these risks. Some of the games published with support from our producers: 1.Production • Farm Frenzy® (developed by Alawar Melesta) • Beach Party Craze® (developed by Alawar Five-BN) • Vampire Saga: Pandora’s Box (developed by GO!Games) • Magic Encyclopedia® (developed by Vendel Games) • Gourmania (developed by Butterfly iSoft) • The Treasures of Montezuma® (developed by Shape Games) • Plus more than 90 other games 4 5
  3. 3. IMPORTANT COMPONENTS The process of preparing a game for release should take into account the massive number of details, all of which can affect the product’s commercial success. One of the PROJECT MANAGEMENT most important components is workplace coordination and project management. We will take on all of the administrative, COORDINATION AND financial and legal issues during the game development process, allowing you to ONE OF THE MOST concentrate on developing a quality product. 2.Administration IS WORKPLACE 6 7
  4. 4. In order to promote your game more successfully, we will take care of the necessary marketing, including: • Creating a set of promotional materials (game descriptions, graphics, banners, trailers, press reviews and more) • Support through its own Web sites (with a design reflecting the style of your game, banners, Flash versions, mass emailings and more) • Support on external Web sites (banners, Flash versions and more) 3.Marketing support 8 9
  5. 5. We localize games for sale on markets in Europe and Asia. All of the games we publish are translated into English, Russian, German, and in certain cases, localizations into more than 15 additional languages also can be done. Localization includes professional text editing, literary treatment and linguistic testing. The work is performed by native speakers and accompanied by a complete set of marketing materials. 4.Localizations We can localize games into the following languages: Chinese Czech English French Hebrew Italian German Japanese Korean Russian Spanish Plus nine additional languages 10 11
  6. 6. The quality of the games we publish is one of Alawar is a leading European distributor the main motivations behind our publishing of casual games, selling several million policies. Each game goes through extensive games each year. We sell games through testing in different areas, during which our own distribution channels in Europe, possible mistakes are uncovered. The entire Asia and North America, and in such testing process is accompanied by exhaustive countries as Russia, Germany, Poland, reporting that sometimes includes video Ukraine, Israel and others. recordings. Our Web sites: Types of testing: • Alawar.com • Discovery of functional errors • Alawar.ru • Check for compatibility with various • Alawar.ua computer and OS configurations • Alawar.pl 5.Testing • Testing of balance and gameplay • Linguistic testing • External beta test 6.Release • • Alawar.co.il Alawarspiele.de through our distribution Testing of channels balance and gameplay 12 13
  7. 7. Together with participants in our Alawar We are one of the largest suppliers of casual Affiliate Program, we sell games on more than games worldwide. Thanks to partnerships 500 Web sites, including the largest ones on with 60 online distributors, an international the Russian Internet and other segments of audience totaling over 250 million people the online space. (according to the Casual Games Association) knows and enjoys our products. 7.Distribution through our 8.Worldwide Distribution partners: Alawar Affiliate Program distribution and more and more 14 15
  8. 8. About Founded in 1999, Alawar Entertainment specializes in the development, publication and distribution of casual games, reaching Alawar audiences in over 60 countries worldwide. The company is the leading distributor of casual titles in Eastern Europe and has published more than 200 casual PC games, including some of the industry’s leading downloadable series like Farm Frenzy®, Craze® and The Treasures of Montezuma®. Alawar recently extended its offerings onto the iPhone®w, PLAYSTATION®3, Nintendo DS™ and Mac® gaming platforms, and in 2010 plans to enter the social games and MMO markets as well as expand onto other leading- edge platforms. 16 17
  9. 9. Five internally-owned development studios are a part of Alawar: Platforms Many of Alawar’s games have received worldwide acclaim and become bestsellers in many countries: 18
  10. 10. Contacts: Publishing games through Alawar: Mailing addresses and phone numbers: Kirill Plotnikov In the U.S.: Vice President of Publishing 901 N. Pitt Street, Ste. 325 E-mail: authors@alawar.com Alexandria, VA 22314, USA Game aqusition (Russia, Poland, Sweden, Tel.: + 1 615 785 7472 Finland, Czech Republic, Israel): Fax: + 1 309 413 6859 Anastasia Yurkina Aqusition manager In Russia: E-mail: yurkina@alawar.com Russkaya-41, Novosibirsk 630058, For more information: Russia Tatiana Chernova, Tel/fax: + 7 383 332 81 33 Director of Marketing communications and PR E-mail: pr@alawar.com