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NESHEP Handbook

North East Safety Health and Environmental Partnership Members Handbook - Take a look and join this rapidly expanding group of like-minded HSE professionals...

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NESHEP Handbook

  1. 1. Welcome on behalf of all our North East SHE Partnership members. Neshep The pace of industry in the North East is operate within the companies we serve and thriving, together with the challenges brought make a real difference to every member of staff. about by the current skills shortages that many of our members face. It is at times like this that I genuinely believe the outlook is very positive, our policies, procedures and working methods with some exciting projects, for securing the are put to the test; however being a part of the growth of our businesses and workforce alike. Partnership is invaluable in overcoming some of By continuing our philosophy of learning and these issues. sharing we will thrive and keep our workers safe. It is a pleasure to work alongside so many There has never been a better time to invest in dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, each of neshep. We are a dynamic and forward thinking which is aligned with the common goal of partnership and our member companies are improving the Health, Safety and Environmental wholly committed to the industrial sectors culture of our region. Our success is attained across the north east Committed through co-operation, mutual respect; and the learning & sharing of best practice. It is the The following pages will provide a brief overview wealth of experience of our 50 plus member of our activities. If you require more information companies, which helps and supports please do not hesitate to contact us. If you to learning maintaining continuous improvement would like to join an application form is attached. The application form can also be One of the key strategic objectives for neshep is downloaded from our website. Alternatively the to provide a network of professionals, who form can be completed online at www.neshep.org and sharing Neshep Join us NOW and access a Contact: Alan Bassett (Cognition Media Ltd) Tel: 01642 619330 huge range of resources and Mob: 07730985362 alan.bassett@cognitionmedia.co.uk a network of professionals Email: enquiries@neshep.org Website: www.neshep.org www.neshep.org
  2. 2. What is the The Membership Commitment North East SHE Partnership? Membership of the NESHEP requires a commitment to the promotion and maintenance of excellence in SHE management and performance. Demonstration of We are a group of about 50 companies of various disciplines who provide services to this commitment requires the following from each member: customers in the North East of England who are committed to excellence in safety, • Participation in the meetings, The partnership also encourages the health and environmental management and performance. We believe that accidents subgroups and presentations. This is implementation of an annual SHE are preventable and that by developing and sharing best practice we will help to essential to achieve the Partnership improvement plan so that an keep our workforces safe and our customers sites accident free. This will represent objectives of learning and sharing, organisation’s safety, health & good business for everyone. drive the improvement process environmental management and forward and convince our customers performance can be systematically The Benefits of Membership? and others of its value in keeping people safe and maintaining improved year upon year. • Progressive sharing of current SHE • Hear the HSE perspective on current business efficiency. Audit of the implementation of this plan initiatives and best practice in health and safety issues, first hand will further demonstrate your the North East to achieve continual • Submission of annual accident commitment to improve. • Network with contractors and improvement statistics so that the performance of customer representatives who are member organisations in achieving a • A forum to contribute your ideas and also committed to SHE improvement safer workforce can be measured to seek solutions to your Neshep • Recognition of your commitment via and compared to our targets and to SHE management problems. your membership certificate industry norms. • Access to useful, economic and local and use of the NESHEP logo etc. SHE training programmes • Payment of the annual subscription • Annual SHE improvement awards fee. This is now set at £150 and How Does the provides funding for our administration, meeting Partnership Function? arrangements, training and promotion initiatives. The Partnership holds meetings with The current subgroups cover the members and supportive clients every following: two months at a central venue. These • Sharing and Best Practice meetings include the presentation of learning events/new information and • Training and Development reports and presentations from the • Membership working sub groups, the HSE and the • Environment partnership chairman. • Health The partnership has formed sub groups • Measurement from representatives of member • Excellence companies to develop initiatives and communicate these to the membership • Promotion and Publicity for the benefit of all. The subgroup chairpersons meet at the Partnership Steering Group every other month to agree new initiatives and the way forward. Accidents are preventable Learning and sharing
  3. 3. North East SHE Partnership ~ Learning and Sharing...
  4. 4. How Can You Workforce The Partnership In Practice Become A Member? Induction The Partnership is between many companies working in the North East. If you are an organisation working in the North East The North East SHE Partnership is To be successful the Partnership needs commitment from its clients (the companies area and want to share in our commitment, then log a partnership between a large customers) and also its workforce (the companies employees). on to our Website at www.neshep.org for more number of companies in the North Thanks to the commitment of the Partnership workforce over many years, we have information or contact us direct, details on page 3. East who are all working together already made great moves forward in Safety, Health and Environment. learning and sharing to keep all of Objectives our employees working safely. To continue this success this Induction summarises the commitment our Partnership needs from its employees. The responsibilities you should take on everyday that you • Members informative bi-monthly meetings and work are... workshops Continual Responsibilities of a NESHEP • SHE improvement Plans encouraged from all members Improvement • Presentation of sharing and learning information • NESHEP award for best... -The Culture Company Employee: Member SHE improvement The culture akin to our partnership • Make Safety, Health and • Promptly report all injuries and Overall SHE performance is ‘People before Profit’ (which Environment a priority incidents to the supervisor/manager means profit for all) • Always carry out a mental risk • Develop good procedures and follow • Review membership accident performance Previous safety initiatives have assessment before any activity them • Implement best practice for sub contractor control been client driven, however with • Do not take any short cuts to • Contribute and bring forward ideas the formation of NESHEP we have complete any task which may benefit and make safer • Develop NESHEP as a centre of excellence shown our customers that we can working • Always be aware of others working drive forward and create a true • Deliver training programmes in line with in the area and help colleagues to • Take time to stop, think and consider partnership in safety, health and members needs work safely before doing any task whether inside environment with our North East or outside of work • Encourage participation in ‘Promoting Health colleagues. • Correct or report all hazards and in the Workplace’ defects and ensure they are resolved • Show commitment to NESHEP by This is affirmed by the wearing the helmet sticker • Investigate ways of improving environmental following statement: • Always wear the correct PPE and awareness make sure it is in good condition • Recognise individual safety “We believe that safety is the first limitations and ask for training or • Develop interfaces with NEPIC and other similar • Ensure good housekeeping standards priority because without this help when needed interest groups in the workplace priority work opportunities for • Encourage new committed organisations to individuals and companies will • Always use the correct tools for join us reduce and stop.” the task • Plan/implement annual seminar/ event with HSE, IOSH and other safety groups in the North East • Increase profile of NESHEP on client sites The Target The NESHEP target (for safety) is • Continue website development (www.neshep.org) simply; “To continually reduce injuries and incidents towards Zero” • Explore funding opportunities and sponsorship to secure ongoing development Developing & sharing best practice Committed to excellence in health, safety & the environment
  5. 5. Ideas For Consideration for SHE Improvement Plans Take a look at our • Safety Management System - maintain or develop an accredited system • Safety Training Programme - maintain or develop a pro-active programme from • Safety Book - develop a company safety book to be issued to all employees, addressing key safety information relevant to accident prevention EMSS system employees • Audits - Produce an annual schedule, • COMPETENT PERSONNEL? involve management, implement and • Membership of Safety Organisations - apply or maintain membership of any or review a ‘close out’ system • PROVEN COMPETENCE? all of the following recognised bodies: • Employee Consultation - set up an IOSH Tees Branch employee group for improved • ARE YOU INDUCTED? Teesside Safety Group communications North East CDM Support Group • ARE YOU TRAINED? • SHE Committee - set up a committee to North East SHE Partnership Working Well Together Campaign meet regularly to review all aspects of • ARE YOU SAFE? safety, health and environment • EMSS Essential Minimum Safety Can you prove it...? • Occupational Health - Implement a Standard - ensure workers compliance health screening questionnaire • Risk Assessments - develop, adapt & • Safety Award/Competitions - to raise maintain an ‘in house risk’ assessment awareness of particular issues process • Tool Box Talks - develop & maintain a • Personal SHE Charter - produce and ask employees to sign up to a personal The log book that allows you to record and prove your: Tool Box Talk library and ensure a charter to raise employee awareness of number of Tool Box Talks are delivered SHE issues • Personnel Identification This Personal Competency to all employees each year. Logbook is a personal document. • Safety in the home - encourage safety • Trade Competence Training It is primarily intended for • Safety Bulletin - develop & maintain an in the home as well as in the workplace employees of third parties, ‘in house’ Safety Bulletin on a quarterly • Essential Minimum Safety Standard Training basis to be circulated to all staff and • Set Targets - reporting and analysis to contractors and temporary employees. produce continual improvement employment agencies that • Company, site and plant inductions perform work for companies and • Competence Test - develop an internal • Personal Health Issues - raise awareness • Toolbox talk and other complementary training clients. ‘Competence Test’ for employees on an of personal health issues relating to annual basis addressing risks and lifestyle, diet, exercise and stress management The logbook records the hazards associated with your own particular industry and review information required to assess • Environment Management System - Neshep accordingly whether the holder of the maintain or develop accredited system document has the knowledge • Inductions - develop & maintain a • Environmental Checklist - maintain or and skills (education, training company wide induction which shall be develop a checklist for sites/projects courses, instruction, professional undertaken by new starters and on each skills, qualifications etc) and is occasion when they move from site to The north east safety, health & suitable to perform certain work. site. environmental partnership... ...developing solutions with your support Keeping our workforces safe For more information visit - www.neshep.org