visual literacy sadik alaa education multimedia distance photography technology images computers assessment drawing evaluation principles photographiccomposition educational software applications internet teaching media image through instructional learning powerpoint instructional software design visuals audio-visual tagging composition photographic camera digital ltp elements standards nets iste database spreadsheet word processing pplications: selection tools perspectives development standards-based grading usability gradebook virtual conference presentations record producing and communicating realshow video lesson record convert flash record powerpoint convert powerpoint convert to flash pictures educational technology standards evaluation of computer-based instruction simulation teac dr web types of presentation technology designing effective presentations using powerpoint and the web principles of message design types of media and multimedia computer courseware distance education theory developmentpdf swine types h1n1 flu online comparative noncomparative flickr تكنولوجيا التعليم ، المعلومات، الاتصال، informationa models التعلـــم تكنولوجيــــا التعليـم و
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