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City of the future final

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City of the future final

  1. 1. The City of the FutureEl Bacha Akram
  2. 2. “The best thing about thefuture is that it comes onlyone day at a time”Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
  3. 3. The city of the future - Green and Eco-friendlyEnvironment• Reduced CO2 emissions through eco-friendly cars and factories’ gas filters• Increased plantation of trees on buildings’ tops and balconies• Development of green electricity through solar power, reducing greenhouse gas emissionsand chemical fuel pollution• Green acting as a factor for improving health status, not only as decoration• New projects for green parks as public places• Social responsibility and commitment through increased awarenessof facts and benefits• Amplified Green environment orientation
  4. 4. The city of the future – 3D Printing3D printing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape froma digital model• Reduced waste of raw materials• Less energy consumption• Increased availability of resources• Costs’ cutting• Accessibility to everyone• Eco-friendly use free of pollution
  5. 5. The city of the future – Economic Growth• Advanced technology• New available resources• Specialization and division of labor• More capital goods• Stronger currencies• Increased foreign direct investments• Increased trades with imports and exports
  6. 6. The city of the future – Transportation• Implementation of Air-propelled train• Increased fabrication of hybrid cars; propelled bygas or electricity• Emergence of the PRT vehicles; small vehicletechnologies designed to carry four or lesspassengers on an elevated guideway, or atground level, with off-line stations• Development of flying cars
  7. 7. The city of the future – Communications & High-Tech• Increased broadband speed• Reduction in digital divide• Expansion of networks and Internet• Emergence of the “augmented reality” applications; allowing to view the world through atechnological overlay and get information about what is being seen• Expansion of touch screens to bathroom mirrors, tables, living-room windows…• Appearance of the brain computers; capable of reading one’s thoughts• Development of “Dream Modification”; capable of altering dreams so to set good moodswhen waking up
  8. 8. ConclusionThe city of the future should have;• A high quality of life, supporting the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants• Resilience to the impacts of climate change• An attractive built and natural environmentsA city’s economic, social and environmental progress will be ever more closely related toits technological progress.Finally we will be able to speak of Smart and Green Cities