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Housing typologies report

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different types of housing typologies

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Housing typologies report

  1. 1. The different physical characteristics of a building according to the materials happened to be available on that particular place with a particular climate, cultural aspects, social status, etc. WHAT IS ? AR 553 HOUSING
  2. 2. SHELTER to covers, protects or defends ourselves from harmful elements and changes To have a COMFORTABLE LIVING
  3. 3. HOUSIN G
  4. 4. A free-standing residential building. It means that the building does not share an inside wall with any other house. A Northern European single-family home in Denmark.
  5. 5. It consist of pairs of houses side by side as units. They share a party wall.
  6. 6. A row of identical houses that are joined together. Terraced house in UK Row houses in Toronto
  7. 7. It is a one- storey house, usually surrounded by a veranda. A typical side-gabled bungalow in Louisville’s Deer Park Neighborhood, US.
  8. 8. A multi-unit dwelling made up of several apartments/flats/c ondos within a building.
  9. 9. A very expensive apartment on the top floor of the building. It occupies the entire floor.
  10. 10. Is a very large and stately dwelling house for the wealthy.
  11. 11. A large caravan, that can be installed on a permanent site and that is used a residence. Also called manufactured home. A static caravan park on the cliffs above Beer, Devon, England.
  12. 12.  Consist of shops on the ground floor w/c open up to a public in a covered passage and has residential accommodation upstairs  The shop houses would adjoin each other to form rows with regular façade.  It is a vernacular style building type that is commonly seen in areas such as urban Southeast Asia.
  13. 13. It is a boat that has been designed to be used primarily as a human dwelling.
  14. 14. Houses raised on piles over the soil or a body of water. It is still commonly found in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea and West Africa.
  15. 15. A conical tent originally made of animal skins. Popularized by the American Indians.
  16. 16. Also called snowhouse, a shelter constructed from blocks of snow, generally in the form of a dome. Predominantly constructed by people of Canada’s Central Arctic and Greenlands Thule area.
  17. 17. A wooden structure built in the branches of a tree.
  18. 18. A large building at a College or University where students live.
  19. 19. A set of buildings where the monks/nuns live.
  20. 20. Presented by: April Ann O. Natulla Cindy B. Remoreras