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Laser vs Optical Mice

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Laser vs Optical Mice

  1. 1. By Areeb Ahmed Khan
  2. 2.  LED  Low Dpi  Low Polling Rate  Bad Accuracy  Cheap  Laser  High Dpi  High Polling Rate  Good Accuracy  Expensive
  3. 3.  When you move your mouse it reads dots(pixels) every inch on the surface.  So, the more dots per inch (dpi) a mouse can track more sensitive and more accurate .  A typical optical mice tracks between 400–800 dpi while laser mice track more than 5000 dpi.
  4. 4.  While tracking, a mouse sends its X and Y movement calculations to a computer which is known as a polling rate and is expressed in Hertz.  So if a mouse has a polling rate of 125 Hertz, this means that the device is reporting information 125 times in one second (meaning once every 8ms).  However, when playing a game and directing actions in a FPS, or virtually any other genre of game, an eight millisecond delay can cause slightly delayed reactions.
  5. 5.  Optical mouse have a very low polling rate of 25-60 Hz while Laser have a polling rate of 125–1000Hz.  Thus,the more times a device reports to the computer, the faster the computer will process this information for use in applications or games.
  6. 6. The table below represents combinations of Hz values and their corresponding delay time: Hz ms 1000 1 500 2 250 4 125 8 100 10
  7. 7.  Optical Mice sometime lags and a bit jerky on screen when you track really fast. This is because of low dpi ,low polling rate and old LED technology.  Laser's are more accurate. This will be very useful for anyone who does precise work, such as with art or photographs, architecture etc. It is easier to move your mouse to the exact pixel with a laser.
  8. 8.  The average home user may not notice or need the difference.  It all depends on your needs and preferences. Unless you're a gamer or a graphic artist with a need for precise movement.