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Virtual reality

  1. Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates VIRTUAL REALITY BEYOND IMAGINATION………..
  2. Powerpoint Templates Page 2 WHAT IS VIRTUAL REALITY? • The Virtual Reality is a technology that produces a Virtual world so that a user can interact and manipulate with the virtual objects in the so produced Virtual Worlds.
  3. Powerpoint Templates Page 3 HISTORY 1965-The beginnings of VR. 1977-Interaction through body movement 1982-The first computer- generated movie 1983-First virtual environment 1987-Development of immersive VR 1993-Invention of surgery rehearsal system. 2000- First demonstration of "tele-immersion” in which people at different location tend to appear physically
  4. Powerpoint Templates Page 4 IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL REALITY  An immersive Virtual Reality adds special gadgets like Head mounted displays and Boom.  Stereo scopic viewing adds enhanced features like deep peeping through the Virtual world.  Eliminating the real world and placing the human in a computer generated world is one of the enhancements.  The convincing factor about IVR is the auditory, haptic, touch and other non-visual senses.  Interactions with the objects in the Virtual world are controlled by a data glove, head mounted display and other gadgets.
  5. Powerpoint Templates Page 5 HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAY  Consists of two miniature display screens that produces the stereo scopic images and an optical position tracking system  It tracks the orientation of the humans head in the Virtual world and that produces the impulse to the image generating large projection Areas to get more immersive feeling.  Characteristics: walk through, look around, fly through in the 3d Virtual world Computer.  As a result the user can see in the direction that he wants and he can walk through the Virtual world.
  6. Powerpoint Templates Page 6 BOOM :  To over come the intrusiveness with the HMD the Boom and Cave are used.  Screens and stereo scopic image generating apparatus are fixed in a box, which is attached to a multi link arm.  The user peeps into the Virtual world through two holes, and controls his motions with the arms.
  7. Powerpoint Templates Page 7  The Cave is an interesting topic in IVR.  A cave consists of a cube shaped room. The stereo scopic images are projected on to the walls and the floor of the room with the help of a number of projectors. The head tracking system worn by the leading user controls the view of the Virtual world. Several users may sit on the Virtual world at a time. CAVE :
  8. Powerpoint Templates Page 8 MEDICAL APPLICATION :  Medical applications for virtual reality (VR) are just beginning to emerge.  These include VR surgical simulators, telepresence surgery, complex medical database visualization, and rehabilitation.  The Green Telepresence Surgery System consists of two components, the surgical workstation and remote worksite.  At the remote site there is a 3-D camera system and responsive manipulators with sensory input.  At the workstation there is a 3-D monitor and dexterous handles with force feedback.  The VR surgical simulator is a stylized recreation of the human abdomen with several essential organs.  Database visualization creates 3-D images of complex medical data for new perspectives in analysis.  And to support these advanced technologies, the operating room and hospital of the future will be first designed and tested in virtual reality, bringing together the full power of the digital physician.
  9. Powerpoint Templates Page 9  Using a helmet mounted display and DataGloveTM, a person can learn anatomy from a new perspective by flying inside and around the organs, or can practice surgical procedures with a scalpel and clamps. Simulation of Organs
  10. Powerpoint Templates Page 10 FUTURE OF VIRTUAL REALITY Yesterday Virtual Reality was a science fiction fantasy. Today it is a research topic in laboratories and amusement parks. Tomorrow it will certainly replace our televisions and computers. Many researches are trying to find more and more applications of Virtual Reality. In the forth coming days the web sites developed using Virtual Reality will replace the entire present web industry.
  11. Powerpoint Templates Page 11 CONCLUSION: The ability of Virtual Reality to produce realistic worlds of data, objects, with which the users can interact and manipulate in a realistic and an intuitive manner, opens up a vast wealth of possibilities for work-related applications. The concept of Virtual Reality provides an innovative mix of entertainment, education and State-of-Art. The Concept of Cyberspace will provide a new kind of travel into virtual worlds where one can swim with the dolphins and experience intense sensory stimulation. Working in many fields like medicine, rocket launching, massive constructions, designing and modeling, war training and cockpit training, it is very important to be more precise and accurate and here Virtual Reality provides a solution. The Real World and the Virtual World together will help in Revolutionary Inventions in the Future .
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