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#T3SCRUM: 12 principles of agile

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This is one hour free webinar about Agile principles for software development.

Main purpose for this webinar is to give attendees overview of Agile methodology for software development and provide understanding of main Agile principles.

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#T3SCRUM: 12 principles of agile

  1. 1. 12 principles of Agilethat make it extremely successful by #T3SCRUM
  2. 2. About us● #T3SCRUM ○ t3scrum.com ○ buzz.typo3.org/teams/agile/ ○ facebook.com/T3SCRUM ○ @t3scrum● Andriy Kushnarov ○ ak@ak-itconsulting.com ○ facebook.com/akushnarov ○ @akushnarov
  3. 3. Agenda● Introduction● Agile and other methods● Agile manifesto● 12 principles of Agile● Agile values
  4. 4. Your Questions will be covered● What are some ideas for engaging customers during Agile development?● Just looking for a general introduction to the topic.● How to sell agile projects● i dont know agile because work with waterfall● Agile advantages.● Agile disadvantages.● What are the general concepts behind Agile?● Which types of projects (or maybe departments of IT industry) are the most appealing to Agile?● Itll be great if the presenter mentioned the some common mistakes that we need to avoid● Please tell about Agile software development for newbies● How to help my boss understand that agile is good?● ...
  5. 5. What is Agile?https://www.google.com/?q=what+is+agile
  6. 6. Agile familyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_software_development#Agile_methods
  7. 7. Which method to apply? Chaos AgileWaterfallRalph Staceys complexity matrix
  8. 8. Agile vs. Waterfall http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/blog/agile-succeeds-three-times-more-often-than-waterfall
  9. 9. WaterfallTime: 3-12 month
  10. 10. Waterfall Time to fix: X daysTime: 3-12 month
  11. 11. Waterfall Time to fix: ??Time: 3-12 month
  12. 12. Waterfall Time to fix: Y months / years Time = MoneyTime: 3-12 month
  13. 13. Waterfall REVENUETime: 3-12 month
  14. 14. Agile and waterfall
  15. 15. Agile Fe e db ac kTime: 2-4 weeks
  16. 16. Agile Time to fix: 2-4 weeks Fe e db ac kTime: 2-4 weeks
  17. 17. Agile Time to fix: 2-4 weeks Fe e db ac kTime: 2-4 weeks REVENUE
  18. 18. Agile manifestohttp://agilemanifesto.org/
  19. 19. 12 principles of Agile#1 Our highest priority is to satisfy the customerthrough early and continuous deliveryof valuable software.
  20. 20. 12 principles of Agile#2 Welcome changing requirements, even latein development. Agile processes harnesschange for the customers competitiveadvantage.
  21. 21. 12 principles of Agile#3 Deliver working software frequently, from acouple of weeks to a couple of months, with apreference to the shorter timescale.
  22. 22. 12 principles of Agile#4 Business people and developers must worktogether daily throughout the project.
  23. 23. 12 principles of Agile#5 Build projects around motivated individuals.Give them the environment and support theyneed, and trust them to get the job done.
  24. 24. 12 principles of Agile#6 The most efficient and effective method ofconveying information to and within adevelopment team is face-to-face conversation.
  25. 25. 12 principles of Agile#7 Working software is the primary measure ofprogress.
  26. 26. 12 principles of Agile#8 Agile processes promote sustainabledevelopment. The sponsors, developers, andusers should be able to maintain a constantpace indefinitely.
  27. 27. 12 principles of Agile#9 Continuous attention to technical excellenceand good design enhances agility.
  28. 28. 12 principles of Agile#10 Simplicity - the art of maximizing theamount of work not done - is essential.
  29. 29. 12 principles of Agile#10 Simplicity - the art of maximizing theamount of work not done - is essential.
  30. 30. 12 principles of Agile#11 The best architectures, requirements, anddesigns emerge from self-organizing teams.
  31. 31. 12 principles of Agile#12 At regular intervals, the team reflects onhow to become more effective, then tunes andadjusts its behavior accordingly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaizen
  32. 32. Agile values
  33. 33. Agile values● Commitment● Openness● Focus● Respect● Courage
  34. 34. Is Agile a silver bullet?
  35. 35. When Agile does not work?● Lack of support of Agile● Lack of responsibility● Lack of trust● Lack of communication
  36. 36. Thank you!Whats next?● Help us to improve, please provide feedback: bit.ly/Y9rq7N● Next webinar topic: on.fb.me/17r2Ba3Follow us: @T3SCRUMFacebook: T3SCRUM