Student Expectations

Student Expectations and Physical Education Program,[object Object],“Safe, Respectful, and Responsible Behavior”,[object Object]
Physical Education Goal,[object Object],   To guide all students in learning:,[object Object],fitness skills,[object Object],sports,[object Object],games,[object Object],sportsmanship,[object Object],teamwork,[object Object]
GOAL:,[object Object],That all South Lake students will make positive choices regarding their personal fitness and health that will last a lifetime!,[object Object]
3 Components to our Program:,[object Object],PERSONAL FITNESS,[object Object], Classes can earn free run days!,[object Object],TEAM and INDIVIDUAL SPORTS,[object Object],INTEGRATED HEALTH TOPICS,[object Object]
SPECIAL PROGRAM FEATURES:,[object Object],MILER CLUB,[object Object],LUNCHTIME SPORTS,[object Object],CHARACTER EDUCATION,[object Object]
Student Expectations
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM,[object Object],The City of Irvine Community Services offers after school programs.,[object Object],Look for flyers at lunch,[object Object]
FITNESS STANDARDS:,[object Object],HFZ = HEALTHY FITNESS ZONE,[object Object],(      )  =  high end score,[object Object],Fitness Testing in March,[object Object]
GRADING POLICY:,[object Object],Students grades are based on:,[object Object],Participation,[object Object],Effort,[object Object],Work Habits,[object Object],Citizenship,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],Participate safely and to the best of their ability in all activities, regardless of skill level, interest, or physical limitations.,[object Object],Attitude is everything!,[object Object]
Respect…,[object Object],the property and rights of others,[object Object],and accept the abilities of others,[object Object],the teaching and learning process,[object Object],and take pride in your physical education facility, equipment, and uniform,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],Report to the physical education area on time, place backpack in designated area, and sit on assigned squad line for attendance. No pushing, shoving, or chase games allowed.,[object Object]
Students are expected to…,[object Object],Enter the locker room from the blacktop side of the building only (wait behind the yellow line).  Always wait for permission from the teacher to enter the locker room.,[object Object],Upon entering the locker room, all students are expected to check the message board for any necessary information.,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],conduct themselves in an orderly fashion while in the locker room.  For example: no running, no throwing items of any kind, no horseplay, no excessive noises and NO use of AEROSOL SPRAYS / PUMP SPRAYS.,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],Use their assigned outside and inside lockers for their own use.  Do not share lockers or combinations with anyone.  ,[object Object],Lock all valuables in your locker during class.  Do not leave any personal items out. DO NOT TAKE LOCKS HOME!,[object Object]
Students are expected to….,[object Object],Keep only P.E. uniform, athletic shoes, socks and hygiene items in their locker.,[object Object],(optional, but very helpful…use a small gym bag to get P.E. items in and out of the locker room),[object Object]
Students are expected to…,[object Object],Change into P.E. clothes quickly, leave locker room and SIT on assigned number ready for activity.,[object Object]
Students are expected to…,[object Object],NOT chew gum.,[object Object],Do not bring candy, food or drinks to P.E. class or store in your locker.,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],provide the proper uniform daily (shirt, shorts, sweatshirt, athletic shoes, and socks).  Students may wear plain black or navy blue sweatpants (no writing or logos) on cold days.,[object Object]
Students are expected to…,[object Object],refrain from wearing any bulky or loose fitting jewelry. i.e watches, bracelets, earrings.,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],remain outside the P.E. locker rooms and equipment room at all times, unless otherwise authorized by a South Lake staff member.,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],Leave all P.E. equipment alone until a teacher gives permission for its use.,[object Object]
Students are expected to…,[object Object],Dress in a manner that meets both school and physical education dress guidelines.,[object Object],Wear shorts appropriately.,[object Object],Do NOT write on or CUT uniform in any way.,[object Object],If the uniform becomes inappropriate, it will need to be repaired or replaced.,[object Object]
Students are Expected to…,[object Object],demonstrate good citizenship and sportsmanship at all times.  Rude, inconsiderate and/or inappropriate language or behavior will NOT BE TOLERATED!,[object Object]
Students are expected to …,[object Object],Provide a note from parents if activity needs to be modified.  (after 3 days a doctor’s note is required),[object Object],Please modify P.E.,[object Object],for…,[object Object]
Students are expected to…,[object Object],Discuss  and sign the P.E. syllabus with their parents.,[object Object],Keep the P.E syllabus in the pocket of their planner for future reference.,[object Object]
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