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summer training Certificate

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summer training Certificate

  1. 1. A Project Report On “Awareness and Implementation of Intellectual Property Rights in Ludhiana” Submitted To Punjab College of Technical Education (PCTE), Baddowal, Ludhiana In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of “MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS” Session (2009-2011) Under the supervision of: Submitted By: Mr. Pawan Sharma Mr. Ajay Kumar EXIM (Vice President) Roll no. 94972238255
  2. 2. Certificate-I This is to certify that the project entitled “Awareness and implementation of Intellectual Property rights in Ludhiana” submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master in business administration in subject of summer training project is a bona fide research work carried out by Ajay Kumar, student of the “Punjab college of technical education college” affiliated to Punjab technical university, Jallandhar (university roll no.94972238255), under my supervision and that no part of research has been submitted for any other degree. This assistance and help received during the course of this investigation has been fully acknowledged. Dated: Mr. Arun Datta Major advisor Punjab College of technical education Ludhiana
  3. 3. Certificate II This is to certify that this project report “Awareness and implementation of Intellectual Property Rights in Ludhiana” submitted for the partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Business Administration (IB) of PTU, Jallandhar in subject of the summer training report, is the bona fide research project carried out by Ajay Kumar, student of Punjab College of Technical Education under my supervision. No part of this project report has been submitted before any other degree. Mr. Pawan Sharma VP Exim( Oswal woolen mills ltd.) (Industry advisor)
  4. 4. Acknowledgement I wish to express my profound gratitude to my project guide Mr. Pawan Sharma (Vice President Exim), for his consistence direction, guidance, support and supervision, which has led to successful completion of my project. It was pleasure to have you as my project guide. I am highly thankful to Mr. Arun Dutta & Mr. Navin Chandra, faculty of Punjab College of Technical Education. They have been a constant source of inspiration and their critical evaluation has helped me to complete this project properly. I acknowledge my gratitude thanks to Sh. Jawahar Lal Oswal, chairman and M.D of Oswal Woollen Mill Ltd, for providing me an opportunity. I am also thankful to Mr. Varun Sharma (Asst. Manager of foreign Trade) & other members who stretched their hands of help, cooperation, & kindness whenever required. Finally yet importantly, I would like to thank Almighty for blessing me to do and complete this project. I express my sincere thanks to whole Oswal Woollen Mill Ltd. for giving me all the facilities during my training period Ajay Kumar __________
  5. 5. PREFACE On the job training in the business organization infuses among students, a sense of critical analysis to real managerial situation to which they are exposed. It gives them an opportunity to apply their conceptual, theoretical and imaginative skills to the real life situation and to evaluate the results there after. I was lucky to have an opportunity to work at Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd. I visited the concern for seven weeks and prepared my project on the topic “awareness and implementation of intellectual rights in Ludhiana”. I also got pratical experience in the field of management. This report is a written account of what I learnt, experienced and explored during my summer training.
  6. 6. Title of project Awareness and Implementation of IPRs in Ludhiana Name of the student Ajay Kumar Name of College Punjab College of Technical Education Name of University Punjab Technical University, Jallandhar University Roll No. 94972238255 Name of the Advisor Mr. Arun Dutta & Mr. Navin Chandra Abstract Intellectual property rights are very important for the companies who are manufacturing their own products as well as manufacturing goods for some other companies. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection in a country enhances the efficiency of the firms' local research as well as the profitability local development efforts This study is conduct to know the situation of IPRs in Ludhiana industry. In this study it has been tried to find out the awareness of IPRs among the companies of Ludhiana, the knowledge about IPRS, the implementation of IPRs in their firm and the role of the government while providing information about IPRs, the level of satisfaction of the industries towards the procedure of the IPRs. To conduct the study a deep research has been done in Ludhiana. Various techniques has been applied to find the best suitable answer for the queries. Mr. Arun Datta Ajay Kumar Major Advisor MBA 2(IB)
  7. 7. Content Part A Sr. No. Particulars Page No.  Introduction 1 1. Prehistoric development 2 2. Ancient textiles and clothing 3-5 3. Medieval clothing and textiles 6-7 4. Renaissance and early modern period 8-9 5. Uses 10 6. Fashion and textile design 11 7. sources and types 12-14 8. Industrial revolution and modern times 15 9. Production method 16 10. Treatments 17 11. World Textile Industry 18-20 12. Indian textile industry 21-25 13. The Nahar Group 26-28 14. Nahar group of companies 29-31 15. Oswal Woollen Mills Ltd. 32-43 16. SWOT Analysis 44 17. Ratio Analysis 45-66 CONTENT Part B Sr. No. Particulars Page No. 1. Introduction 67-88 2. Review of Literature 89-101 3. Research Methodology 102-104 4. Data Analysis 105-141 5. Findings, Conclusions, Suggestion 142-143  Bibliography 144-150  Annexure 151-154