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EXEC 2017 - aixigos High Performance Technologie

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aixigo bei der EXEC in Berlin 2017, Mario Alves präsentiert aixigos High Performance PMS

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EXEC 2017 - aixigos High Performance Technologie

  1. 1. 1 million portfolios in less than 6 minutes
  2. 2. About aixigo  university spinoff  portfolio management and technology background  15 years of FinTech R&D  first mover in risk-profiling and high performance portfolio management  customers are major retail and private banks in GER/A/CH/LUX  co-founder of investify, a new digital wealth manager for Europe Aachen
  3. 3. The future of investment Artificial Intelligence Portfolio Management for everybody New digital services for Wealth Customers 2.000.000 Clients millions daily calculations 200 ms Total Response
  4. 4. Digital Portfolio Management will become thenew retail investment standard
  5. 5. Portfolio Management means managing portfolios in accordance with mandates given by clients on a discretionary client-by-client basis where such portfolios include one or more financial instruments MiFID2
  6. 6. Responsibility Profile Compose Onboard Manage MonitorReport Discuss Analyse  help customers to find the right risk and portfolio (mandate)  define and monitor suitable portfolio strategies and/or investment topics  check and choose products  monitor every single customer portfolio at least daily  ensure portfolio alignment daily  report on portfolio
  7. 7. Responsibility - Digitalized  1:1 customization  mass market capability  low marginal cost per customer  great usability and experience  all digital channels  all personal channels  and branch-integrated exciting.effective.evolutionary.
  8. 8. Digital Portfolio Management will have a plus 30% share of all personal investments in Europe in less than 10 years
  9. 9. Why? Regulation Industry Customer
  10. 10. Regulation on investment advice We will literally be pushing customers, not to decide.
  11. 11. Industry goes Portfolio Management Disruptors are merely all „portfolio management“ offers Incumbents are investing heavily in Digital Portfolio Management Branch organizations are „thirsty“ for branchable products
  12. 12. “They” will love Portfolio Management  self service –just for finance nerds  investment advice feels …  interrogative  paperwork  Pro „sells“ – Amateur „decides“  Portfolio Management feels „right“  Pro takes responsibility  Easy decision  High transparency and flexibility
  13. 13. Responsibility + Success Challenge
  14. 14. 400.000 positions 100.000 portfolios Check all positions and portfolios daily, detect breaches, rebalance (sell + buy) them and handle all the data.
  15. 15. Check all positions and portfolios daily, detect breaches, rebalance (sell + buy) them and handle all the data. 100.000 customer transactions on any day in very short time 100.000 customer transactions on any day in very short time
  16. 16. Customers told us they found one system handling all this really reliable. Ours.
  17. 17. Blasting performance Analysis average portfolio* very large portfolio* Portfolio Overview 3 ms 155 ms Portfolio Attribution 3 ms 240 ms Portfolio Growth 3 ms 128 ms Cash Flow 3 ms 35 ms Security Proportion 2 ms 58 ms *average portfolio: 10 positions, 50 transactions very large portfolio: 4.000 positions, 35.000 transactions time between request and result delivery >1 Million Customers, with a throughput of appx. 3000 customers per second, real life portfolios with all sorts of complexities (corporate actions, etc.)
  18. 18. and everything you need Analytics Risk Asset Management Monitoring Rebalancing Order Management Customer Management Reporting
  19. 19. to build your Digital Portfolio Management .. or else