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Change the world one child at a time

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This presentation is about me and a dream that I have to change the world by connecting kids from across the world to each other.

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Change the world one child at a time

  1. THEM = US
  2. <ul><li>I am </li></ul><ul><li>Allan Isfan </li></ul><ul><li>and I WANT </li></ul><ul><li>to change </li></ul><ul><li>the WORLD </li></ul>
  3. one at a time
  4. Do you see any borders?
  5. We created imaginary lines to keep people OUT … or IN
  6. But kids don’t know the borders are there LET’S NOT TELL THEM
  7. I was born in moved to and live in Romania France Canada
  8. I am not a musician certainly not an athlete definitely not an artist
  9. I try even if I suck  but I don’t give up!
  10. I am a proud engineer
  11. a co-founder of with my wife (OMG she’s awesome, snagged her in High School when I was 13)
  12. and a co-founder of
  13. I film, direct & produce the Nasty Hockey Show … for FUN
  15. and we have lot’s of FUN
  16. Life is good but …
  17. One of my girls said
  18. after at our house
  19. “ I didn’t know there was a WAR going on?”
  20. Holy crap …! and it hit me
  21. We have forgotten that we live on earth!
  22. How can we possibly care about pollution poverty war
  23. when that stuff happens to THEM and not US ?
  24. Hmmm … let’s explore
  25. You hear about a terrible accident You feel bad … and get back to business
  26. then you find out your daughter’s best friend
  27. Was on that bus And is very badly hurt
  28. Now you feel much much worse … you think about her, her parents, your daughter, you can’t seem to think of anything else
  29. The accident is the same you didn’t change but now You CARE!
  30. WHY?
  31. THEM = US
  32. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to put oneself into other's people shoes … to feel what they feel
  33. What if our kids had a way to make friends
  34. all over the WORLD
  35. so they could learn talk share play and teach each other ?
  36. If there was such a place, is it possible that
  37. that THEM = US would spread virally like chocolate rain
  38. and this could … G r a d u a l l y … change the world
  39. because they could FEEL the pulse of our planet through their friends ?
  40. I think so
  41. and I’m telling the whole WORLD!
  42. If you agree come find me and let’s do it together
  43. blog: http://connecttheworld.wordpress.com email: allan.isfan@gmail.com twitter: @isfan