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Predictable delivery

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Product managers understand the need to be able to plan and forecast delivery dates. It is one of the foundations of building confidence with management to allow the team greater autonomy. Further, if you can’t predict release dates, it is hard to have crucial conversations with management about tradeoffs, and with Marketing about launch dates.

In this webcast, Agile and Lean product management expert Greg Cohen will take you beyond story points and clear-up misconceptions about Agile planning. He will cover how to use the data to put control back in your hands as a product manager using a process that works across most types of Agile teams.

To get the most out of this talk, you should have experience working in an agile development environment.

You Will Learn:

How to get better clarity and a deeper understanding of Agile planning
How to better predict release dates that drive your conversations with management
The importance of using data to plan releases and how it sets you up for success with Agile teams

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