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Lean is Not Enough. Land Compelling with the Right Buyer - Fast (Part 1)

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90% of the people you talk to are harmful to your new project. Engage the RIGHT people to create a compelling offering - faster.

There is a small but key group of people within every market that most strategies are blind to. This group leads the mass-market by adopting and proving new high-impact concepts. We call these people Gateway Adopters.

Patrick Hogan developed this battle-tested approach to delivering compelling offerings NOW. Leverage insights from 100’s of interviews, 400,000+ data points and over 3,800 high stakes projects - so you can understand:

That demographics are not enough
The market-leading Gateway Adopters in your market
How to find, engage, Market and Sell to the people most likely to buy
Generate revenues faster by delivering compelling market-fit 75% sooner
This is one session of the three-part series; Lean is not enough. Land compelling with the right buyer – fast. The next sessions in this series covers:

Viable is not enough. Develop a truly compelling product with great market fit – with value beyond a technically viable “MVP”– in a fraction of the time. Market Fit Fast value model and Minimum Compelling Offering release concept.
Faster sprints is not the answer. Mitigate your biggest risks delivering high-stakes projects. First Risk First project management decision model

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