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How to Accelerate Your PM Career, Part 2: Five Deadly Product Management Sins

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In the Product Management profession there are certain mistakes that can completely derail your career. Make the wrong move and you may be forced to leave your company and may even have the mistake follow you for years to come. Thankfully, this webcast will help you avoid the five most common Product Management sins. In this webcast we will share the biggest mistakes that 280 Group has seen others make. This is a must-attend webcast for anyone serious about making their Product Management career successful.

All attendees will also receive a career planning template to help address individual goals, strengths and weaknesses, career challenges and more. Use your completed career planning form as a personalized guide to immediately spring you into action and catapult yourself up the ranks.

What You Will Learn:

· The most common career-limiting Product Management mistakes

· How to avoid them in your own efforts

· Situations and people to avoid so your career isn’t slowed down

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