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Green house effect

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Green house effect

  1. 1. Green House Effect DEFINITION:“ It’s a phenomenon which helps to keep the earth warm enough for existence of life on it” INRODUCTION: First postulated by a Swedish chemist in 1896 In recent years it was found that Carbon dioxide has increased by 25 %
  2. 2. Contnd……… Stratosphere: a thin layer of certain gases in the lower atmosphere at an average height of 30 Km. from the surface of earth This layer acts like a glass of Green House Venus has CO2 60,000 times in its atmosphere than earth and has a corresponding average temperature of 850 F Mars has no CO2 and its average temperature is 24 F
  3. 3. Atmosphere: ( Layers ) GEOSPHERE / EARTH TROPOSHERE………..First 08 miles Concerned with weather formation, temperature changes and air movements, Temp. falls with ascent at a rate of 1 F for every 100 meters TROPOPAUSE…………Next 10 miles There is no fall of temperature with ascent STRATOSPHERE………Next 40 miles Its lower portion is Ozone layer
  4. 4. Contnd……… IONOSPHERE……….Next 220 Miles Contains charged particles or Ions in it Has two layers (upper & lower) Lower layer reflects radio-waves back to the earth & makes long range broadcastings possible
  5. 5. Contnd……. VACUUM…………Next all space INTERPLANETARY SPACE……Starts at 10,000 miles from earth GREEN HOUSE LAYERS……..First 25 miles from Earth BIOSHERE……Part of the earth, its waters & atmosphere where organisms can live
  6. 6. Analysis of Green House Gases There are 40 gases which affect the Green House but important gases include:1. CO2 : It is produced by : Volcanoes Decaying Plants Breathing Burning of Organic matterIt is fixed by : Photosynthesis by plants Absorption by the Sea
  7. 7. Contnd…….2. METHANE : 20 % more capacity to trap heat as compared to CO2 , It is produced by Decomposition of Organic matter Termites Swamps Cattle Farms Cattle gut
  8. 8. Contnd…….3. NITROUS OXIDE : Produced by : Land clearance for Agriculture Use of Fertilizers Combustion of fossil fuel
  9. 9. Contnd…….4. SO2 : It is mainly produces by Industries5. CFC (Man made Gas): Used in Aerosol spray Refrigerators Insulating Foams6. CO:7. Water Vapours:
  10. 10. Causes of Global Green House Effect1. INCRESED PRODUCTION OF CO2 DUE TO :• Population Explosion• Rapid Industrialization• Increased Agricultural activities• Burning of Fossil fuels• Cutting of Forests
  11. 11. Causes Contnd…..2. INCREASED PRODUCTION OF METHANE DUE TO :• Increased Agricultural activities• Natural gas burning• Decomposition of Organic matter• Bacterial activities in the gut of cattle• Termite
  12. 12. Causes Contnd…..3. INCREASED PRODUCTION OF NITROUSE OXIDE DUE TO :• Land clearance• Use of Fertilizers• Fossil Fuel burning4. DEFORESTATION :
  13. 13. Influences of Global Green House Effect1. Rise in temperature (3-9 F)2. Rise in Oceans level (3-5 ft.)3. Floods4. Extremes of Wheather5. Climatic changes in Tropics & Subtropics
  14. 14. Effects of Ozone Depletion1. Sun Burns2. Skin Cancer3. Cataract4. Weakening of Immune System
  15. 15. Acid Rain Produced due to invisible clouds of Sulpher and Nitrogen Oxides SOURCES :1. Burning of Fossil fuels2. Coal burning3. Smoking4. Factories5. Motor Vehicles exhaust
  16. 16. Acid Rain Contnd….. CHEMICAL REACTION : SO2 & NO2 are converted to H2SO4 & HNO3 EFFECTS OF ACID RAIN :1. Killing of Marine life2. Destruction of Nutrients in subsoil3. Erosion of buildings & metals4. Damage of Crops5. Contamination of drinking water
  17. 17. Control Measures of Global Green House Effect Energy conservation Rising the cost of fuels Developing new energy systems Forest protection / Reforestation Recovery of Methane from garbage Banning of CFC production International Conferences National Standards of Pollutants Anti Pollution measures
  18. 18. Sustainable Development DEFINITION : It is the continuous development (in environment) today that will not compromise the well being of the future generations Development should continue to give food, shelter & other provisions to every body but not at the expense of Environment
  19. 19. Measures to attain Sustainable Development AT PERSONAL LEVEL AT NATIONAL LEVEL AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL