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Ancient Greece Summary (modified)

  1. Ideas : What ideas were sparked? Questions : What questions came up for you? Feelings : What feelings did you have? Facts : What facts did you note?
  2. Final Regents Review: GREECE By: Susan M. Pojer Horace Greeley H.S. Chappaqua, NY
  3. ANCIENT GREECE By: Ms. Yang
  4. With a neighbor, explain how the geography affected the development of Ancient Greece.
  5. Why do people need religion? How did the Greeks use religion for that purpose?
  6. Zeus Hera Athena Hercules
  7. Archaic Greece: 1650 BCE - 700 BCE
  8. Bronze Age Greece
  9. Crete: Minoan Civilization (Palace at Knossos )
  10. Knossos : Minoan Civilization
  11. Minoan Civilization
  12. The Mycenaean Civilization
  13. Homer : The “Heroic Age”
  14. The Mask of Agamemnon
  15. "Hellenic" (Classical) Greece: 700 BCE - 324 BCE
  16. ATHENS: Yesterday & Today Back to the polis…
  17. Piraeus: Athens’ Port City
  18. What political contribution did the Greeks give to Western cultures and societies?
  19. Persian Wars: 499 BCE – 480 BCE
  20. Golden “Age of Pericles ”: 460 BCE – 429 BCE
  21. The Classical Greek “Ideal” Classical Greek art was focused on idealism and beauty.
  22. Phidias’ Acropolis The acropolis was the fortified hilltop area of the city-state.
  23. the acropolis of athens
  24. The Acropolis Today Back to the polis!
  25. The Parthenon The Parthenon was a temple built to the Athenian patron goddess, Athena .
  27. Influences of Greek architecture
  28. The Agora Housed in the acropolis was the agora, or the marketplace , where men frequented to buy/sell or discuss politics.
  29. Olympia This was the site of the Olympic games that the Greeks attended every year. Though they fought each other, they would cease war just for the Olympic games.
  30. The Ancient Olympics: Athletes & Trainers
  31. Olympia: Temple to Hera
  32. The 2004 Olympics
  33. Athens’ strength became their weakness, and other Greek city-states grew tired of their power…
  34. What were characteristics of Classical Greece culture?
  35. SPARTA
  36. SPARTA Helots  Messenians enslaved by the Spartans (used for hard labor).
  37. Peloponnesian Wars The Peloponnesian Wars (Athens v. Sparta) weakened both Athens and Sparta. Athens and Sparta went to war against each other. Though Sparta won, the war greatly weakened them both…
  38. Macedonia Under Philip II PHILIP II CONQUERS GREECE. Philip II hated the Greeks because they looked down on the Macedonians. He sets out to conquer Greece and the work is continued by…
  39. "Hellenistic" Greece: 324 BCE - 100 BCE
  40. … his son: Alexander the Great
  41. Alexander the Great’s Empire
  42. Alexander the Great in Persia
  43. The Hellenization of Asia Hellenism: blend of Greek and Eastern (Persian, Egyptian, and Indian) cultures
  44. Pergamum: A Hellenistic City
  45. The Economy of the Hellenistic World
  46. What is Hellenism? How did Alexander the Great’s conquest lead to cultural diffusion? What were some characteristics of Hellenistic Greece?
  47. The Breakup of Alexander’s Empire

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  1. What they need to know: The outcome of the wars led to the Athenian Golden Age (leaders of the Delian League)
  2. What they need to know: The outcome of the wars led to the Athenian Golden Age (leaders of the Delian League)
  3. 1 st period ended here.