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  1. Developing Outstanding Farmers Learning Center (OUTFARM) Cambodia
  2. Introduction  This innovation plan project is prepared for seeking technical and financial assistances from various national and international funding agencies to support the implementation of necessary project activities set in this project that could help to transform the existing key farmers as the Outstanding Farmers Learning Center (OUTFARM) in the proposed project areas.
  3. Vision: Change behaviors and mindset of local farmer through Outstanding Farmer Learning Center (Outfarm)
  4. Objective “To develop communities in target areas through using (Outfarm)” outstanding Farmer Learning Center.
  5. Project Outcome: The target groups improve their technical capacities and change attitude through local knowledge. Immediate Objective  To investigate outstanding farmers.  To assess the outstanding farmers’s wisdom  To build the capacity of outstanding farmers’s based on local wisdom  To set up integrated farming system model
  6. Project Outputs:  Output 1: 3 Outfarm set up.  Output 2: Capacity building Outfarm through farming system  Output 3: Integrated farming system will be created  Output 4: The local wisdom will be systematic documented and apply
  7. Major Activities for Output 1:  Activity-1: set community panels  Activity-2: Criteria for local wisdom selection  Activity-3: Baseline survey at grassroots level  Activity-4: Analysis the results
  8. Major Activities for Output 2:  Activity-1: informed to local people  Activity-2: set up training curriculum  Activity-3: Training process  Activity-4: Follow up
  9. Major Activities for Output 3:  Activity-1: initiative idea by local wisdom  Activity-2: Farming system model  Activity-3: diffusion through mass media  Activity-4: Follow up
  10. Major Activities for Output 4:  Activity-1: Case study  Activity-2: documentation local wisdom  Activity-3: Bring innovation idea through mass media  Activity-4: promote idea to integrated Commune Investment Plan (CIP)  Activity-5: Competition local wisdom.
  11. Organization and Management  MAFF, GDA  The PADEE and NAPA–FUII and Procasur will take the responsibility of consolidation of the project planning, the activities implemented by the technical offices in central as well as provincial level and responsible for the financial management.
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