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IFAD´s Online project mgmt tools-ifad asia and lfad global

  1. ONLINE PROJECT MANAGEMENT A unified web platform for project managers in the field Benoit THIERRY Updated Jan 2015 • To ease IFAD funded project management and reporting • Webtools for project managers/teams and accessible by IFAD CPMs and various divisions involved, • Repository for project documents, databases, and knowledge (public and non public), long term institutional memory, • Link to IFAD/Governments rules, guidelines, database (fiduciary, implementation support, planning and monitoring, …) A proposal based on existing field experiences: IFADASIA/IFADAFRICA/CAPFIDA/SIMES/…
  2. IFAD PROJECT CYCLE (to be used, Together with Logframe)
  3. PROJECT CYCLE Includes Planning/M/E, KM and Communication Conception Implementation Evaluation Upscaling
  4. There is a Value Chain linking M/E, KM and Com Monitor activities Evaluate results-impacts Harvest – Analyse - Synthesize Share – Disseminate Upscaling Policy Dialogue / New design Sharing-Learning Generating new Knowledge
  5. Finance (WAs, procmt plan, awpb) Monitoring and Evaluation (logframe, RIMS, M&E reports Electronic library (reports, pictures, videos) Knowledge Mgmt (case studies, analytical notes) Communi- cation Policy dialogue / design Country portal Each project site Project management Country Programme mgt All projects fits as well.
  6. M&E Finance KM COM Country Programme Flexcube RIMS/SKD IRC / PTA / Policy EC /Rural Poverty Portal IFAD headquarter Interaction between Country Prg., IFAD Rome & Government Finance Agriculture Ministries/ Departments Govt Action Plan Government
  7. Project Knowledge Pyramid •Press Articles •Radio events •VideosCommunication •Case Studies •Annual reports •Electronic Library Knowledge Management •Logframe /RIMS •Evaluations/Qualitative data •Database – Geographic Info Monitoring & Evaluation Project basic docs •Appraisal •AWPB/ Annual Reports •Financial reports •Withdraw applications Financial (protected area)
  8. Context – following slides • 1. Country programme management an integration with IFAD and country. • 2. Integration of project into country programme, into region, into ifad global. • 3. links between pyramid and basic documents • 4. links between pyramid and IFAD tools/ databases.
  9. Online project management synthesis Electronic Library Knowledge Management & Communication (case studies, images, maps) Monitoring & Evaluation (logframe, RIMS, planning, reporting) Fiduciary Management (agreement, manuals, procurement, contracts, WAs)
  10. Online Project mgmt : navigation options Planning Reporting Monitoring Reports Images Posters references M&E Fiduciary KM COM E.library
  11. Basic/Design Procurement Plans Results & Impact analysis Lograme/ RIMS/ SIMES Database/ Geograph ic info Meetin g Minute s TOR people / missio ns Logfram e /RIMS/ SIMES Socio- Econom ic Studies Fiduciary Management Planning / M&E + Reporting + Implementation Support Knowledge Management + Communication Impl/Operation Closure . Actual Project and Programme Implementation Online project Management Time Line MgmtandKnowledgeLine IFAD Asia - Draft proposal B.Thierry - IFAD -update 06/2014 Annual Workplan Electron ic Library Stories from the field Annual Report TV/ videoPoster Press Article Radio COSOP Project Design Report Inceptio n Memo Baseline Survey Project Status Reports /CPIS Reviews (Annual, MTR,…) & Evaluations/ Completion report Financing Agreemen t Letter to Borrowe r Implement ation Manual AWPB Financial Statements Reports – IS/ Sup/ Follow- up/BTOs Completio n report Audits reports Reconciliatio n Final Audit Registry of Contract s Case Studies Booklet s /Leaflet
  12. M&E Finance KM CO M Technical Networks What we are looking for in IFADASIA and IFAD connect M&E Finance KM CO M Country Programme M&E Finance KM CO M Country Programme IFADASIA KM (newsletter, IFAD KM ( , portal) GLOBAL COM
  13. - IFAD ASIA - Madagascar : - Nepal :SIMES system - Farmers Org MTCP2 : blog and IfadAsia.