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Action plan

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Action plan

  1. 1. Technology Action PlanProfessional Professional Leaders Target AudienceDevelopment Activity Development Purpose(s)CCAP online curriculum 1. teachers create Region 4 CCAP Core teachersuse (6 hours) online resources creators1. creation of lessons (lesson plans, Department Headsaligned with standards assessments) to be THS Technology2. using created lessons used in future Coordinator SBDM committeeto create online 2.assessments assessments/lessons Assistant Principal in3. assessment results are standards based Charge ofloaded into CCAP 3. allows teachers to Technologydatabase have constant up-to-4. teachers can analyze date data for THS Technologyresults by grade level, analyzing progress Committeeclass, teacher, student,objective, and subgroup5. use of data gatheredto create differentiatedforms ofremediation/advancementEthical research: 1. creates a THS technology All TeachersTeaching students right atmosphere of coordinatorfrom wrong in using technical honesty Department Headsinternet resources (2 2. prevents legal AP in charge ofhours) issues from Technology1. Teachers are copyrightsresponsible for student 3. prepares students THS Technologytechnology use for future research Committee2. Teach students what’s endeavorslegitimate/illegitimate 4. educates students3. Teach students how to on appropriatecite and reference info technology usethey receive from the web4. Teachers have toteach appropriate usepolicy and providemodeling/guidelinesHow to achieve 1. Helps teachers AP in charge of All Teachersapplication level who are “traditional Technologyeducation through classroom” make thetechnology use (6 hours) jump to a technology Librarian/Assistant1. How to design web oriented level Technologyquests 2. shows teachers Coordinator2. Designing problem the link betweenbased learning programs technology use andthrough the web levels of learning3. Implementing web
  2. 2. quests and PBL’s intodaily activityEvaluation PlanData Sources/Uses Professional Development Evaluation Success AssessmentCCAP ongoing data should 1. Teachers should submit 1. Every teacher should bebe compared to previous comparison reports every turning in reports – thisAEIS data – data should be time assessment is loaded shows they know how tocompared by objective, into CCAP use the programstudent, and subgroup inorder to ensure thorough 2. Every report should 2. Reports should showanalysis include an improvement incremental improvement in plan by teacher given objective mastery over a substandard performance period of time in a particular objective 3. Department heads will gather reports and turn into PDAS evaluatorTechnological integrity data 1. Document created by 1. Technology departmentcollection document tech. committee will compile data tocreated by technology determine if technologycommittee 2. each teacher documents integrity is improving in the each time technological school dishonesty occurs 2. will make bi-annual 3. teacher will document reports to principal on how they responded improvement in integrity 3. a decrease will show professional development was worthy causeSTaR chart reports 1. Teachers, through STaR chart reports should training, should implement show an increase in PBL or other technology- classroom technology use style learning into classroom Student government survey should include students 2. student government reporting an increasing use should conduct student of technology in class survey to determine
  3. 3. technology use compared to previous years