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Social India - Wikibrands Presentation

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Wikibrands presentation given November 13th, 2011 in Bangalore India by Sean Moffitt.

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Social India - Wikibrands Presentation

  1. 1. Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace -Sean Moffitt @seanmoffitt November, 2011 @wikibrands Social India Conference #SocialIndia
  2. 2. The Amazing Race - Bangalore 2 National Holiday Hurdles 5 Travel Sites 5 Trips to Consul General 11 Time Zones 15 degree Celsius difference 17 Hours Flying 48 Hour delay
  3. 3. The Exciting Part…The Feel Goods The Eat Goods The “Be Part ofThe Learn Goods Something Big” Goods
  4. 4. Yeh, Canada – World’s #1 Brand and…
  5. 5. Canada – We Love This Online/Social Stuff Ranked #1 Globally Online penetration –79% of Canadians online Online usage –average 43.5 hours online/mth Online video – 251 videos/17.2 hours/mth. LinkedIn usage - 15% of online Canadians use Social gaming – spend 4.5 hours each week Online Banking - 65% of Internet users do Ranked in Top 10 Social Media Use – 70% use; ½ everyday Facebook usage –#4 worldwide/82% of online Can. Twitter usage –#6 worldwide/18% of online Can. Smartphone usage – 33% of mobile users “What’s the reason behind the high numbers?”
  6. 6. Who is Sean Moffitt…. Just A Blonde Guy With a Cause Bad Chefs Bad Spies Bad US Soccer Perception Bad Marketing and Digital Practice Bad Bad Bay Area BadBritish Cuisine Hoods Secrets
  7. 7. It’s Movember Time Confesssions of a Blonde Guy “Changing the Face of Men’s Health”“If it’s awesome they will use it, if it’s awesome they will talk about it” Started as 30 Aussies in 2003 now headed into 500k participants/$100 million charity
  8. 8. Wikibrands…Customer Leadership for the Digital Age ___________________2006 “Digital Participation Wins” 2011
  9. 9. Wikibrands– A Practical Guide for Reinventing Business - What? A study of top 100 engaged brands and business How? A 10 step roadmap for business success in digital spaces
  10. 10. A Premium Brand is Now a Mark of ParticipationWikibrands - There’s a new currency on how to build business… “Something you Buy” “Something you Trust” “Something you Want” 1850 1910 1950 “Something you “Something you Prefer” “Something you Love” Participate In” 1980 2000 2010
  11. 11. Stand Up and be Counted…Who here participates in new/digital/social media? Keep Standing if: - You want your digital efforts to be AWESOME -You want your customers to RAVE about you - You have currently achieved AWESOMENESS and RAVING LUNACY via your digital media?
  12. 12. The Challenge Today - 3 Big Paradoxes - 6 Benefits to Wikibranding - The 10 Things to Get Right - FLIRT Model – Building It - MILC Model – Maintaining It - Culture – Supporting It - Q&A
  13. 13. 3 Big Uncomfortable Paradoxes
  14. 14. Paradox #1 - Forget social media… …we need social business
  15. 15. Sure we’re spending more and more time there…  Spending double the time we spend on social networks vs. 2007
  16. 16. Big Caveat:Technology and tools are less than 20% of the deal“The diffusion of innovation is based more onsociology and psychology than on technology.” Everett Rogers, 1962- The Diffusion of Innovations
  17. 17. A Genuine Culture Change is Required MASS DIRECT SOCIAL INFLUENCE/ MARKETING MARKETING WIKIBRAND MARKETING Control Collaboration Hype Transparency Decisions Dialogue Features Purpose
  18. 18. The real Wikibrands challenge…Global education industry $ 2 trillion annuallyGlobal IT and Communications $ 3 trillion annuallyGlobal health care industry $ 4 trillion annuallyGlobal energy industry $ 6 trillion annuallyGlobal banking industry $ 7 trillion annually How do we reinvent some of these industries?
  19. 19. Paradox #2 – Business talks a good game… …but isn’t that good at it
  20. 20. Not a Crisis of Faith – Of course this will happen but…• “Wikibrand marketing influence (social, mobile, word of mouth) will overtake traditional media influence within the next decade” •69% strongly agree/agree Source: Buzz Report 2011 Source: Buzz Report
  21. 21. An Encouraging Silver Lining – Wikibranding Why Now Business Executives?#1 The Need for Authenticity and Transparency#2 The rise of social networks#3 Increasing role of wireless/mobile#4 Customers/people waning attention spans#5 Media fragmentation Agent Wildfire -The Buzz Report 2011
  22. 22. A Crisis of Action …Not on my shift ½ of top firms don’t have a strategy to tap the benefits of new/social media 78% dont have an employee policy for use of new/social media 53% of businesses engaged in social/digital spaces do not have full- time staff to support the effort. Source: Commotion Study/Buzz Report
  23. 23. And a Crisis of Knowledge Only 14% of companies are proactive in creating external advocates and leveraging them. 90% of executives believe their agencies need to radically transform be more competitive in a wikibrand world. Source: SNCR/Buzz Report
  24. 24. Paradox #3 – Brands have never had less control… …yet never been more important
  25. 25. Sure, A Demanding and Activist Customer Culture has Taken Over Freedom • iTunes, Craigslist, Zipcars Customization • Nike, Converse, Jones Soda Scrutiny • Amazon, RED, Wikileaks Integrity • Innocent Drinks, Vans, Trader Joes Collaboration • John Fluevog, Wikipedia, Doritos Entertainment • Red Bull, Axe, YouTube Speed • Zara, Calvin Klein, Google Innovation • Toyota, Apple, Netflix
  26. 26. But Brands Matter…yes, more than ever in 2011
  27. 27. Forget Marketing’s 4Ps… Embrace the Wikibrand 13Es Mission Would you recommend my brand Drivers to a friend or colleague? Evangelism Advanced Drivers Escape Experience Effiliation Premium Drivers Ennovative Equity Entertainment Entimate Basic Drivers Entegrity Exposed Education Esthetics ExchangeCompany-driven User-driven
  28. 28. Do Brands Belong in Social? You betcha… - 85% of people want companies engaging with their customers in social media - Twitterers are three times more likely to embrace brands than average population Visual : The Atlantic
  29. 29. Six Big Wikibrand Benefits Brand Advocacy (Marketing) - Word of mouth - Referral/recommendation - Badging - Sales/traffic - Reduction in media budgets Brand Perception (PR) - Awareness/exposure/SEO - Affinity - Empathy/respect - Lead industry conversation
  30. 30. Six Big Wikibrand Benefits Brand Content (Media/Customer Experience) - Co-innovation/solutions - User-generated Creative - User-generated content - Reviews/ratings Brand Insight (Research and Innovation) - Idea stimulus - Beta-testing - Market research/polling - Industry/competitive intelligence
  31. 31. Six Big Wikibrand Benefits Brand Support (Customer service) - Customer service - Education/ advice - Value-add experience - Lead industry conversation Brand Serendipity (HR/Corporate) - Stories/Inspiration - Corporate social responsibility - Galvanize employees - Traditional media interest
  32. 32. Let’s go beyond the simple…“The suggestion that a firm merely needsto participate in a conversation is a littlenaive.Microsoft was mentioned 2.5 million timesin the blogosphere the previous year, andwe have eighty-nine thousand employees.How can you realistically be expected tooperationalize a response to all of them?”
  33. 33. The Recipe for Success? ..10 Factors
  34. 34. FACTOR #1 FOCUS– “Why are we doing this/what are we doing?” 3rd & 4th Top Reasons Why Organizations Fail In Digital
  35. 35. BALANCE FOUR FACTORSBusiness/ OrganizationSponsorship Objectives Incentives Vision Resources Revenue Talent Marketplace No Relevance Culture Partners Values Process No Execution No Direction Positioning Needs/Wants Benefits No Capability Experience Product/Service Advocacy Support Media Community Attention Brand Customer
  36. 36. Top 10 Ranked Online Word of Mouth Elements Great ideas that spread are rare and valuable#1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept* #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates #5 Culture/employees of a Company #6 Method in which it interacts w/ its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process* #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools/platforms built
  37. 37. Cisco’s One Million Acts of Green -An Idea Buried in Their Challenge 33,000 members 1.8 million acts of green 17 minutes average length of site engagement 200 articles written
  38. 38. #2 LANGUAGE, CONTENT &OUTREACH“do I like this/is there enough of this/can I identify with this/do theyknow me?”
  39. 39. “It doesn’t matter what you say, if Idon’t like the way you’re saying it” James Cherkoff, Collaborate Marketing
  40. 40. “Social Media can make you suck in moreplaces, faster, and louder than before” Anonymous Bank CMO
  41. 41. What percentage of the world’s top Twitter and Facebook are people? 81% 51%
  42. 42. LANGUAGE –If you wouldn’t say it in real life to a friend, don’t say it on the social web
  43. 43. CONTENT FREQUENCY-It may be cheap, but this is not a part time job The average tweet lasts 12 minutes The average Facebook post lasts 80 minutes The average blog post last 1 ½ days
  44. 44. CONTENT FREQUENCY –If the Customer is King, then Content is Queen Activity per Great Good Minimum Month Blog Posts 30+ 12 5 Tweets 400 200 100 Video 12 4 1 Email 8 4 1
  45. 45. Content Awesomeness – the Mom TestOnly 1.5% ofTweetconversations… Are three levels (replies) deep
  46. 46. Content Design and “The 4 second Test”
  47. 47. The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods - Aspirations and Beliefs* - David vs. Goliath - Avalanche about to Roll - Changing Assumptions - Anxieties
  48. 48. The Art of Storytelling – 9 Methods - Personalities and Personal Appeal - How-to Stories and Advice* - Glitz and Glam - Seasonal/event- related
  49. 49. Facebook Timeline –Depth of Content Engagement Growth Engagement “Likes” “Discovery” Updates Stories Targeted Relevant Exposure Experience
  50. 50. OUTREACH – The Community Richter ScaleDo you know who your top 1,000 fans are?
  51. 51. Outreach Award-lululemon – Ambassadors who buy in
  52. 52. - Wikibrand Recruitment Tools - Where to Find Your Best Fans1. Employees2. Twitter (or other microblogging platform)3. Facebook4. Discussion Forums5. Traditional PR6. Dedicated Community Portal7. Conversion of website visitors8. Blogger Outreach Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
  53. 53. Best Buy’s Twelpforce-Marketing by Team - Key Wins: - Set up in 2 Months - 2,600 employees - Management/company walking the walk - 30,000 enquiries annually solved - New internal networks - Higher sat ratings/purchase intent/ per purchase
  54. 54. 4. INCENTIVES & MOTIVATIONS“what’s in it for me?”
  55. 55. Top Community Incentives - Intrinsic“The Feel Goods” • Fun & enjoyment • Creativity • Group effort/achievement • Learning • Better life/supporting cause
  56. 56. Big Rock – Fun & Creativityhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QIPsQjLvl0
  57. 57. Kiva – Intrinsic Cause Reward
  58. 58. Top Community Incentives - Extrinsic “The Look Goods”• Recognition by company• Access to exclusive resources• Ability to join VIP circle• Access to exclusive channels• Chance for wider Fame
  59. 59. People Do Things for 15 Minutes of Fame
  60. 60. 27 Community Incentives - Explicit“The Get Somethings”• Invitation to Events• 3rd party incentives• Customized/personalized treatment• Non-monetary rewards• Discounts
  61. 61. “Give Me The Free Thing”
  62. 62. Kraft Hockeyville Rallying Communities/Extrinsic Rewards12,000 community stories, 5.6 million votes, 11 million views, 4th most recognized national program, high Kraft CSR perception, doubled sales lift
  63. 63. 5. RULES, GUIDELINES & RITUALS“what can/can’t I do here?”
  64. 64. Rules - Kodak – Good Empowering Rules Air Force – Good Prescriptive Rules • Experience Facilitation • Legal & Ethical Concerns • Employee Policies • Ownership Rights • Support, Training and Certification • Rituals/Customs
  65. 65. 6. TOOLS & PLATFORM“how and where does it work?”
  66. 66. Do you Agree? “The corporate website is no longer relevant; social networks can adequatelyhouse and deliver digital business objectives required”
  67. 67. Have a Home, Neutral and Away Game Home: Neutral: Away: Website Brand Pages Social Networks Blog Personal Profiles Sharing SitesCommunity RSS Feed Other Blogs Forums Facebook Connect Influencers
  68. 68. The Essential 7 “Home Game” Tools (beyond website) OVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE Online Wiki/ Monitoring Social Apps Blogs Email Community Collaboration Tools DashboardAwareness 3 2 1Perception 3 1 2Targeting 1 2 3Traffic/SEO 2 1 3User Content 3 1 2Engagement 3 1 2Purchase 2 3 1Referral 2 1 3 2 1 3Evangelism 1 3 2Thought Leadership 1 3 2Measurement
  69. 69. An Awesome Home Game - Threadless
  70. 70. What is biggest “social” priority for 2011 - More sharing - More control - More time on site
  71. 71. Sharing Stuff on Your Site – Brings More Traffic
  72. 72. The Essential 8 “Away Game” Tools OVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE Social Micro Professional Video Social Location based Ratings/ Photo Networks Blogs Networks Sharing Bookmarks Forums SharingAwareness 3 2 1Perception 3 1 2 1 3 2Targeting 3 1 2Traffic/SEO 1 3 2User ContentEngagement 3 2 1Purchase 1 3 2Referral 1 2 3Evangelism 1 3 2Thought Leadership 2 1 3 3 2 1Measurement
  73. 73. The Away Game - Kraft- The Tools of Word of Mom
  74. 74. 7. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT“who will lead the conversation?”
  75. 75. You can Keep Anybody Happy Initially, How Do You Get Them To Stay in Love
  76. 76. Community Managers –The Social Web’s Best Party Host
  77. 77. Top Tasks of Community Managers1. Communication2. Content Creation3. Company/brand evangelism4. Member/Customer support5. Ongoing Facilitation6. Metrics Reporting7. Event Host8. Community Evolution/Feature Development9. Internal Rallying Cry10. Community Administration11. Member Recruitment/Crowdsourcing Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Community Management Survey
  78. 78. In the Trenches ––the 77Golden Rules of Social, Be: In the Trenches the Golden Rules of Social, Be Reciprocal Ethical Human Awesome Helpful Authentic Social
  79. 79. Mozilla – The Poster Boy for Feel Good Community
  80. 80. 8. LIFE STAGE OF THE COMMUNITY“when do we need to adapt?”
  81. 81. The Life Stage of Social Media/Community Milestone achievement User generated content Incentives materialized Mass supported Expansion Expected cycle of activity Tiered members Broadened focus Company culture change Self-governance Fresh produced content Highlight contribution Incentives pitched Networked Seeded audience
  82. 82. Organizational ChangeTHE AWESOME Have Social Become Part of Your DNA (Best Buy) THE GOOD Host Ideajams (IBM) THE BAD Don’t celebrate milestones/keep social out in the cold THE UGLY Don’t build organizational capability/outsource all expertise
  83. 83. Intuit– A Community in Constant Development • Banned 6 years ago •7x more length of time engagement •90% favourable member sentiment •Millions of unique community visits/ Millions of $ in small business value and revenue acquisition
  84. 84. 9. METRICS, MEASUREMENT,INSIGHTS & ROI“what do we measure and look for?”
  85. 85. Digital Media Measurement - No Silver Bullet Formula
  86. 86. The Top Measures#1 Engagement Data – comments, engaged fans, likes, retweets#2 Sentiment – opinion on what was said, positive/negative#3 Traffic – hits, unique visitors, followers#4 Conversion/leads – loyalty, purchase, referrals#5 Customer evangelism*/satisfaction - Net promoter score,survey satisfaction#6 Share of voice/total mentions#7 Product/service revenue Source: Altimeter Group, Digital Strategists, Nov’10
  87. 87. Different Brand Yardsticks - Measure The Applause, Not the Attendance -Try many small testable experiments -Have goals, track over time
  88. 88. #10 Culture Change Required– “Live the brand, listen before saying, letting go?”
  89. 89. Raising a Brand, The Difference BetweenRaising a 4 Year Old Parenting an 18 Year Old
  90. 90. The Biggest Wikibranding Sin - Social Deafness - Source: Agent Wildfire 2010 Buzz Report
  91. 91. Internally,Get Employees on the Bus…
  92. 92. The Future?
  93. 93. Mobile, Local
  94. 94. Crowdsourcing Properties
  95. 95. The Rise of Video – TED Talks - Video Worth Spreading
  96. 96. The Rise of Augmented Reality –QR Codes – Support, Content or Insight
  97. 97. The rise of Purpose Driven Sponsorship
  98. 98. Some takeaway messages
  99. 99. Brands, It’s Ok to FLIRT 1. Focus 2. Language, Content and Outreach 3. Incentives, and Motivations 4. Rules, Guidelines and Rituals 5. Tool and Platforms
  100. 100. Getting Engaged is Not a Fling It’s a Commitment Top 5 Wikibrands Support Elements: 1. Measurement/Metrics 2. Internalizing Wikibrands 3. Life Stage Development 4. Community Management 5. Culture
  101. 101. In a world of no time, attention and trust…don’t play it safe or follow others There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey
  102. 102. Never Forget – Humans are Hard Wired Social and Influential AnimalsThey crave things that are awesome, social, authentic and customer-driven to talk about… Some among us will talk a lot more than others… 104
  103. 103. “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
  104. 104. If Lubricants, Scissors and Insurance Can Do It, So Can You
  105. 105. Dhanyabad …Wikibrands Contact us: Twitter: sean@wiki-brands.com @wikibrands @seanmoffitt