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Creating Buzz/Engaging Influencers -Social Media Masters - Toronto

  1. Grassroots marketing
  2. Social influence
  3. Customer participation
  4. Digital engagement
  5. Online community
  6. Connected media
  7. Member collaboration
  8. Awesome customer experience
  9. To Connect (Facebook)
  10. To Make Sense of the World (Wikipedia)
  11. To Reduce Risk & Uncertainty (Amazon)
  12. To Benefit Economically (eBay)
  13. Brand Community
  14. Collaboration / Co-Creation
  15. Buzz
  16. Viral
  17. Social Media
  18. Influencer Marketing
  19. Grassroots/ cause marketing
  20. Experiential
  21. Pass along Referrals
  22. More colleagues and associates
  23. More affiliations to groups of interest
  24. More links to other influencers
  25. Adopt earlier/pay more attention to trends
  26. Make sense of the world more easily
  27. More prolific content production
  28. More authoritative
  29. Honest and care
  30. Relevant and Timely
  31. Likability
  32. Reciprocation and involvement
  33. Expressiveness/strong communication
  34. Video chat
  35. Phone call
  36. Chat service (AIM, Skype)
  37. E-mail
  38. Facebook message
  39. Facebook wall post
  40. Does it combine your brand traits, with motivating activities and a primed audience?
  41. Does it max out on a few of the 36 reasons why people word of mouth?
  42. Does the experience and follow up match the promise that’s been set up? Does your buzz have longevity?
  43. Are you grabbing the right type and combination of influencer (tastemaker, trendspotter, opinion leader, expert, social ringleader, celebrity) at the right time and motivation?
  44. Do they feel connected to your brand or mission for reasons beyond the freebie – social connection, shared values, ability to express?
  45. Celebrate their talents and the new tribe they’re in
  46. Let them know “why” they’ve been chosen
  47. Involve them in what you’re doing, before you do it
  48. Give them tools and forums to make their participation easy
  49. Set up content so that is easily shareable and customizable
  50. Thank them, regardless of outcome
  51. Provide unexpected surprises along the way
  52. Create milestones, celebrate upon achievement
  53. Expand/tier/refresh circle of influencers over time

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Happy to be in hometown recognized as master – whereas my last 2 years have been talking about the socialization of business and Wikibrands – my real roots are brands and word of mouthFor those following at home – the relevant hashtags are below
  2. Whereas some of my fellow members of the blonde guild society have their cuases cleaning up their own neck of the woods – I am focused on my little postage stamp in the world
  3. Ran over 100 engagements over last 7 years as Canada’s – we live, breathe and sleep this stuff – with Facebook less than 8 years old, YouTube less than 7 and Twitter less than 6, the notion that people talk to each other is not new
  4. Over 30 different categories – top three categories for word of mouth – child acre, restuarnants and cars
  5. We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  6. Get through 17 chapters, the real core idea is that as brand owners, managers, agencies and stakeholders, we are in the middle of the poarticpation age – whereas brands represented important distinctions in the past based on ownership, equity, aspiration, preference or affinity, now the real limus test is are you providing forums for people to engage and particiapte more deeply with your brandThe stats prove it – according to Forrrester, those that engage deeply grow their value by 18% and those that don’t 6% - chicken or egg argument
  7. So we interviewed the top 100 brands doing great work and asked them how they put their social pants on the morningToday we’ll focus on one of their core success factors – word of mouth
  8. I think we’ve all been trained on marketing’s 4Psa for the last 50 years it is has been a marketing stapleWhenever I talk to my colleague Don Tapscott, he believes brands are a much more complicated construct shared between company and users nowadays – we prefer the 13Es as a new model of wikibranding – with the key driver being Evangelism – a true litmus test of a healthy business and brand – would you recommend me to others?
  9. Tretaed as a media, word of mouth in nearly every study you see, is the most trusted, referred, action driving, information seeking vehicle
  10. I loved this morning’s chats about Social Business – from strategy by Chris to infrastructure by Sam – this is no longer excused as a tacticCertainly if you look at a Beatle’s metaphor and their popularity below in terms of Google searches, social business might not be everybody’s favourite topic like John Lennon but it is the high ground for effective use of social media and new technology
  11. If you thought I would expound on the nittygritties of usingKlout vs. peerIndex, hosting communities on Salesforce vs. Lithium , measuring on Radian vs. Sysomos, sorry to upset but think again….it’s really the sociology and psychology of business and its customers that is the main gap
  12. So before we go on a pretty heady WoM trip, I wanted to profeer to you that in a social tech, word of mouth world there really are 4 overriding laws, the Hammuraboi code, the 10 commandments of the social net so to speak
  13. The first law is awesomeness – we truly don’t notice or talk about stuff that is above average or even good anymore, we are deluged with that – what we talk about is the 1% of stuff that we find fascinating and relevant (and maybe the 0.5% of stuff that really really offends us) – loved our fellow friend and canadian author neilpasricha who wrote a best seller on the topic Loved some of his 1000 acts of awesome from his blog – out of last 100, here are two of my faves , although personally hated #1000 Broccolflower
  14. Three things I’ve been word of mouthing about in Toronto – Prvada Vodka bar, NuitBlache all night festival from alst week and Roncesvalles new restaurnat scene including new smkehouseBarque and authentic pizzeria Pizza Defina
  15. I’ll prove the law of awesomeness, who was first person to fly across Atlantic
  16. Of 50 attrubytesSpice Route - It makes peeing feeel like a religious experience
  17. We are pre-wired to talk – what social media has done is make it easy for usThe average person has 2 really close friends, 8 close friends and 33 social friends, if you are on facebook/Twitter/LinkediN you now have 385 friends
  18. My colleague Emanuel Rosen wrote a two great bnooks on the subject of buzz and he nails it – we have 6 basic reasons why we like to talk…and they mimic some of the key social networks/websites we like to useEvery brand owner should ask why their users fundamentally want to buy and spend time with them
  19. Contrary to fly by night, coupon clippers and deal hunters, the real core of your brand social squad will join your community for fundamentally social reasons
  20. If I look at myself vs. the me from 20 years ago – my social network has feasibly expanded by a factor of 5,000 through my links to social networks
  21. And it is deplorable that as a nation, our businesses are dragging their feet when our customers are the most primed for engagement in social media – we are at the top of the ranks of all key usage points online and in social media
  22. We need to be real at this stuff, there is a new higher order benfit customers are seeking out and it is a sense of realness and soul behind the business, brands, people and causes we support – part of more scrutiny and part if there are less of them, brands that know themselves and are perceived by their customers as the realk thing – social media elevates authenticty
  23. More than TV, radio, print or any other medium, word of mouth and social media is an experiential medium – whereas the others you might be able to create and particpate without a rich understanding of each medium, this one is different
  24. Shocking, but buisness is coming around
  25. In a world of great noise and consumer overburden, where customers can increaisngly filter the branded message out, word of mouth is the great enabler, we rely more than ever on our friends and people like me
  26. This is what your NEWcustomers’s basic needs are – it’s not quality or relaiability anymore – they want to be involved, they have a high standard, low tolerrance for slowness and will exact a tool when you don’t meet it now publicly
  27. The sad reality is that we all think its important and many think we deliver a good one, only a small fraction of customers ageree
  28. I am a Seahawks fan – sadly only 4 of us in town – but you noticed the best sports teams have communities around their brands even in different cities – Red Sox Nation, Yankee Pride, The Mnchester United red Devils