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Executive Fast Track Personal Branding Program

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Ready to become an industry influencer? Drive real value behind your own Personal Brand? Start to monetize your efforts ? Jasmine Sandler , Personal Branding and Social Media Expert delivers. In her Fast Track Personal Branding program, Jasmine works with Executives and Entrepreneurs to grow the audience and visibility around their own brands.

Jasmine Sandler also offers DIY Personal Branding Online programs, Personal Branding Coaching for executives and Social Media Keynote Speech work.

See http://www.jasminesandler.com and https://courses.jasminesandler.com for client examples.

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Executive Fast Track Personal Branding Program

  1. 1. Branding Expert. Social Media Pro. Keynote Speaker. Branding Thought Leaders & Celebrities Daily Are you serious about making a bold move in your career, getting a promotion, making a big transition, becoming a thought-leader, making millions? STAGE 1. PERSONAL BRAND STRATEGY ABOUT THIS PROGRAM Rachel Braun Scherl, CEO Spark Solutions for Growth Phone 347-527-5100 Email jasmine@jasminesandler.com Web www.jasminesandler.com This all-inclusive Personal Branding and Social Media package has helped executives, entrepreneurs and professionals grow their careers, social following and drive more business for over 10 years. DELIVERS A TARGETED PLAN FOR RESULTS STAGE 2. PERSONAL BRAND DESIGN, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT CREATES YOUR ENTIRE BRAND GETS YOU NOTICED • Personal Brand Analysis • Social Channel Strategy • Content Marketing Strategy • Conference / Off-line to Social Lecture Strategy • Targeted Sales and Outreach Plan • Social Channel Design and Profile Enhancements • Social Posting * 30 days @ 3 posts per day per channel • Interview Style made video of client. Scripted and edited • Creation of Personal Branding Kit • Writing of Press Releases optimized & distributed • Physical and phone meetings with qualified prospects for Media Interviews/Speaking • Full Social Media Daily posting, engagement, monitoring and management STAGE 3. 30 DAYS AGGRESSIVE OUTREACH Address 34-18 N. Blvd, LIC, NY 11101 “In her Personal Branding work, Jasmine provides every tool at her disposal regarding the effectiveness of your online presence and its visibility towards thought-leadership. She communicates clearly and timely and is driven toward her clients' results. I continue to recommend her to other executives!” To take advantage of this online go to JASMINESANDLER.COM/PERSONALBRANDINGPROGRAM JASMINE SANDLER PERSONAL BRANDING PROGRAM THAT DRIVES RESULTS