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How to Add a New Income Stream To Your Charity With E-Cards and Donations

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DontSendMeACard helps UK charities raise funds with our innovative alternative to greeting cards. People can support your charity by sending e-cards on special occasions and donating the cost equivalent of greeting cards and stamps.

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How to Add a New Income Stream To Your Charity With E-Cards and Donations

  1. 1. How to Add a New Income Stream To Your Charity With E-Cards and Donations
  2. 2. People Need To Mark Special Occasions
  3. 3. And They Spend An Awful Lot Doing So (Billions Annually on Greeting Cards)
  4. 4. Which We Thought Was A Bit Of A Waste
  5. 5. And That The Money Could Go To Better Use
  6. 6. So We Built An E-Card And Donation System
  7. 7. That Makes Sending Sentiment More Convenient
  8. 8. And More Meaningful With The Cost Of Cards Donated
  9. 9. Your Charity Can Also Receive People’s Donations In Lieu Of Cards – Here’s How:
  10. 10. Register Your Organisation You will need to provide: 1. Your logo and description 2. Your charity number 3. The email address associated with your PayPal account Go to www.dontsendmeacard.com/register Register Your Charity
  11. 11. We’ll Validate Your Account You’ll then be able to: • Automatically receive donations in lieu of cards • Share e-card pages to raise funds for special occasions • Access donation reports and more Register Your Charity
  12. 12. To Get You Started We’ll pre-load a set of the most popular e-card pages people give through, unique to your charity. This includes Christmas and birthdays. Register Your Charity
  13. 13. You Can Create Your Own E-Card Pages If there’s a special occasion that you want to raise funds for you can build your own e-card pages. Register Your Charity
  14. 14. Upload Your Own E-Card Images You can upload your own e-card artwork to make your pages unique to your charity. JPEGs are supported that are square and ideally 600x600 pixels in dimension. Register Your Charity
  15. 15. Access A Range Of Promotional Material There’s a host of promotional imagery and templates that you can use to invite supporters to send e-cards and donate. Register Your Charity
  16. 16. Receive Sizeable Donations We’ve seen individuals send e-cards to loved ones and donate as high as £200.00 in lieu of Christmas cards. Register Your Charity
  17. 17. Fundraise Year Round A tool not only for Christmas but for occasions all year round – Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day etc. Register Your Charity
  18. 18. Join Charities Such As Headway, The Shark Trust, Tibet Relief Fund, British Deaf Foundation, Royal Life Saving Society.
  19. 19. “We’re delighted to be receiving money that would otherwise be spent on greeting cards, preventing unnecessary waste.” Katie Greaves, FareShare “A great alternative to the £1.6bn spent annually on greeting cards in the UK.” Michael McGrath, CEO Muscle Help Foundation “This makes so much sense! Give what your cards cost to charity with your loved ones.” Victoria Coltman, The Honeypot Children’s Charity
  20. 20. Register Your Organisation At: www.dontsendmeacard.com/register