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#SocialSessions14 - Content marketing op LinkedIn: tell it, don't sell it.

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  2. 2 Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Our mission
  3. 3 The professional profile of record Connect all of the world's professionals Identity Networks Knowledge The definitive professional publishing platform
  4. 4 GroupsSlideShare InfluencersPulse The definitive professional publishing platform Knowledge
  5. Evolution of Professional Content Content Marketing on LinkedIn: WHY Content Marketing on LinkedIn: HOW 1 3 2 5 Professional Content Consumption Report 2014
  6. 6 In the past, there were few sources for content TV Print Radio
  7. 7 Now, the internet provides a sea of information that requires filtering Internet Websites or Apps Content
  8. 8 Social networks are now the dominate portals for discovering content Content
  9. Several years ago, LinkedIn began a transformation 2006 Identity Network Knowledge 2014
  10. 10 And ultimately evolved into a content platform 500 LinkedIn Influencers Pulse: News AggregatorSlideShare 1.5MM+ sites use InShare
  11. That is globally recognised and trusted Trustworthy 78 19 2013 MillwardBrown Digital study on 1,100 US adult internet users Top 100 global brand SOCIAL NETWORK ASSOCIATION AS “A TRUSTWORTHY SOURCE OF PROFESSIONAL CONTENT”
  12. And increasingly delivering content via mobile Mobile Traffic
  13. Content Marketing on LinkedIn: WHY2 13
  14. Study: >6,000 LinkedIn members across 8 markets We surveyed members who regularly consumed content in the LinkedIn homepage feed (desktop or mobile) Mean survey time was ~10 mins. Respondents with nonsensical answers or extremely short or long completion times (<4 mins or >12 hours) were removed. Participants received $5 to $25 for their participation depending on their title. Response rates ranged from 4.8% to 6.8% depending on the country. Seniority was used to weight the data when estimating population statistics. United States Sample Size 2,701 Canada Sample Size 472 Brazil Sample Size 483 Australia Sample Size 480 Singapore & Hong Kong Sample Size 457 France Sample Size 497 Benelux Sample Size 483 UK Sample Size 485
  15. These members are wealth and influential professionals 1 in 5 Director+1 in 3 Manager+
  16. 16 LinkedIn is their primary choice for professionally- relevant content N = 6,058; data weighted to reflect active LinkedIn members. 91% 61% 50% 36% 30% 24% 22% 19% 13% In a typically work week (Monday through Sunday), what sources do you use to access professionally relevant content?
  17. Consuming professional content is vital to their success Mean # of hours spent consuming professionally- relevant content per week = 1 working day per week
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  21. Companies Audience Content RelationshipsRelationships
  22. Content Marketing on LinkedIn: HOW 3 22
  23. 23 What type of content should I create for my target audience? 3
  24. Benefits they experience by consuming content on LinkedIn Enhances Knowledge Strengthens Networks Boosts Personas Keeping up with industry News Discover new ideas within industry Build relationships with colleagues/clients Spark conversations Build professional reputation Improve current job skills 77% 71% 62% 43% 55% 39%
  25. 39% Positions member as thought leader 62% Enhances member’s professional reputation 63% Increases member visibility Benefits experienced by sharing content on LinkedIn
  26. 75% Content they prefer to click on and share New research 39% 71% 66% 59% 58% 55% Breaking news Case studies 55% Career advice 36% 49% 49% 39% Produced by business Leader Brief, concise in length Click Share Popular content types for gaining knowledge Popular content types for helping decision-making
  27. EMEA Top Sponsored Updates in May 2014
  28. Checklist for creating content that resonates
  29. CMS addresses Key Questions like: I really care about a specific audience. Are they engaging? Are people engaging with my content? How do I rank against my peers? How influential am I for a specific topic? How influential are my employees?
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