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Viral & Social Marketing

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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit West 2017 (January 15-17, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada). Session description: Tips on how advertisers can harness this powerful channel to promote their brands.

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Viral & Social Marketing

  1. 1. Viral & Social Marketing January 16th, 2017 Jan 15th-17th 2017
  2. 2. Discovering New Products & Services 1. Kickstarter / Other Crowdfunding Sites 2. Twitter 3. Reddit 4. Pinterest 5. Deal Forums: FatWallet, Slickdeals, etc. 6. Personal Text / Email / Facebook Post 7. Digital Marketing Forums (For B2B Services, etc.) What does everything here have in common? No dependence on Google! Show of hands: Have you ever heard about a new product or service from … Today’s Focus #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  3. 3. Reddit - Several content-based sub-reddits are great channels for discovery /r/SkincareAddiction: 237K Subscribers /r/PersonalFinance: 8.6M Subscribers /r/WebHosting: 12K Subscribers /r/Fashion: 73K Subcribers #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  4. 4. Reddit – Deal focused sub-reddits are also extremely active /r/BlackFriday: 237K Subscribers /r/Deals: 12K Subscribers /r/Coupons: 12K Subscribers /r/DealsReddit: 46K Subscribers #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  5. 5. Reddit – Case Studies MyProtein.com Deal: 33% Off All Protein Powders Run-Time: 7 Days Total Revenue: $25K Lenovo.com Black Friday Deal: 40% Of Most ThinkPad Laptops Run-Time: 1 Day Total Revenue: $4.3M #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  6. 6. Twitter – Understanding the Algorithm What the algorithm DOES NOT like: What the algorithm DOES like: • Affiliate Links • Redirects & Shortened Urls • Tweeting at a high frequency “spammy” rate • Low follower count • Low tweet count • Direct links • A normalized frequency of Tweeting • High (active) follower count • High tweet count – with matching engagement metrics #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  7. 7. Twitter – “Hyper”-local Marketing Case Study: • Charlotte Russe launched a brand extension in October 2015 • Lemonpop Stores were located in only 5 cities • City-specific hashtags were used to target potential customers for a “brick & mortar only” sale as well as build customer awareness #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  8. 8. Twitter – Keyword Marketing 1. Build up a following 2. Stay active 3. Understand the algorithm 4. Keywords will begin to rank high for long periods of time (sometimes even days) #backtoschool - #2 Spot#lifting - #2 Spot #protein - #1 Spot #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  9. 9. Coupon Code Attribution • Empowers performance for not only Coupon affiliates • No click, no cookie required • Enables customer acquisition in ways never before possible for affiliates • Reddit, Twitter, Billboards, Seminars, TV • Transparent exposure of brands in relevant social moments • Attribute conversions to specific social channels • Automated reporting for Retailers & Affiliates #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  10. 10. Global Golf Case Study June–August 2015 June–August 2016 “In 2016, over 5,000 sales resulted in more than $600,000 in additional revenue through Naked Coupon use with ReviTrage alone.” -Global Golf
  11. 11. Cross Platform Tracking #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  12. 12. Tips For Maximizing Any Social/Viral Promotion • Have patience: It takes time to build up credibility and gain a high Karma score. Keep at it and the payback will be substantial • Don’t be too promotional: Like any other method of promotion (email, blog entries, etc), there should be a good mix of promotional vs. non-promotional posts with a cadence that doesn’t overwhelm the audience • Timing is everything: Try to avoid “crowded” or competitive times, and make sure you allow enough run- time for promotions to pick up steam (typically 30 days) • Keep it simple: Promo codes for social promotions should be something like SAVE10, not 4M9K2&Q9Z • Expiration dates: Without such, you risk that Google will index the code long after it expires resulting in customer service issues. • Multiple codes: This is an easy way to track different social channels (e.g., TWITTER10, REDDIT10) • Deal consistency: Any deal promoted in social / viral channels must be as good as such that are publically available. • Boundaries: Don’t overstep boundaries of other departments (social may have their own calendar) • Empowerment: Provide your affiliates with tools that facilitate customer acquisition and ultimately greater revenue through their social outlets #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  13. 13. Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Viral & Social As Part Of Your Marketing Mix • It’s an alternative to Google! • It can be very cost effective channel – even free in many cases • With a fraction of what you pay for SEM, you can have a massive impact • You have the opportunity to directly engage with new & existing customers • You can execute a promotion very quickly • It’s on your own terms - You control the copy and content without relying on partners to “get it right” #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage
  14. 14. THANK YOU! Nick Andrews CEO & Founder ReviTrage, LLC nick@revitrage.com Tara McCommons VP Sales & Marketing LinkConnector Corporation tara.mccommons@linkconnector.com #ASW17 @LinkConnector #ReviTrage