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Kit kat puts the fun back

Digitas India used the insight that 'everybody wants to take a break from the daily grind' and created a campaign called 'Break Banta Hai'.

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Kit kat puts the fun back

  1. 1. Country: India | Industry: Food & BeverageKit Kat puts the fun back into the dailylife using social & mobile media KIT KAT wanted to connect and engage with the youth by extending themainline proposition of “take a break” to the digital platform. DIGITAS INDIAused the insight that “everybody wants to take a break from the daily grind” andcreated a campaign called “Break Banta Hai”. This campaign served up quickbreaks to people whenever they wanted it on social & mobile media by using ananimated character to deliver the communication. By giving the brand socialcurrency , the campaign helped in creating real brand value and not just anadvertisement for the brand . Client: Nestle India Product: KIT KAT Objectives: Build excitement & engagement around the KIT KAT chocolate. Target Audience: 16-25 Year Olds Media: Social & Mobile Key Results: •Over 200,000 fans on Facebook •330,000 calls on the Interactive Voice Response number (IVR)
  2. 2. Country: India | Industry: Food & Beverage “This campaign helped us dive into the digital medium and enabled the brand to become a part of real conversations with our target audience" – Anamika Sirohi , Marketing Manager Background/Challenges NESTLÉ KITKAT is one of the most successful brands in the world and every year over 12 billion NESTLÉ KITKAT fingers are consumed around the globe. In India the brand has always propagated the break in routine communication. The brand wanted to build engagement with the youth by furthering its brand philosophy of taking a break from daily chores by consuming the product. DIGITAS India created a campaign based on the insight that everybody wants to take a break from the daily grind. People do things like logging on to social networking sites or using the mobile to do things that relaxes them or “gives them a break”. Active Branding Idea: Meet “Break Banta” For the campaign a character was created that served up exciting, fun filled breaks from the mundane situations of daily life related to relationships, studies & parents. This character gave his own versions of being stuck in daily situations and how he would use out-of-the-box thinking to take a break from these sticky situations. Break Banta served breaks that were enjoyable & sharable with an approach that was aligned to the routes of entertainment and gifting. Funny & interesting breaks were served in both audio and video format. The entertainment factor here looked at as interruptive and not disruptive and being perfect for sharing with friends as a timeout.
  3. 3. Country: India | Industry: Food & BeverageCampaign:An interactive social media campaign was developed around „Break Banta‟, theperpetrator of fun filled breaks from mundane situations.A Facebook page was created that delivered daily break situations, animated videosand contests. This readily captured the mind space of the entertainment hungryaudience and connected instantly to generate thousands of conversations. Thebreaks served were categorized into 6 categories of Love Life, Education, Parents,Filmy, Telecallers & Faltu that struck a common chord with the youth. KIT KAT alsotied up with the movie „Break Ke Baad‟ to introduce a contest that saw 5 grandwinners meet the stars of the movie.To tap into the mobile audience, an IVR number was created where one could eitherlisten to a break or share it with a friend by forwarding a code via SMS. Afterreceiving the code the recipient could listen to the same break by punching in thecode on the IVR.Combining the power of Engagement with Reachwith an Integrated CampaignCreative campaigns become highly effective when the reach of television iscombined with the engagement potential of digital media. The digital campaign of“Break Banta” was integrated with Nestles KIT KAT television commercial to furtherthe traction on social & mobile media. This convergence of the two powerful mediumsproduced great results for the brand by enabling a tremendous consumer responsewherein Lacs of calls were received from the users on mobile and thousands ofbrand conversations were started on the social media. Results : Nestle wanted to achieve buzz and excitement, which translated into high levels of talk ability and sharing. DIGITAS INDIA delivered results and more. •Over 100,000 fans on Facebook within 90 days of the launch of campaign • 330,000 calls received on the IVR to where users listened to the jokes • 100,000 callers participated in the KIT KAT Break Ke Baad Contest