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Advanced Strategies for Twitter Tailored Audiences


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Advanced Strategies for Twitter Tailored Audiences

  1. 1. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Sahil Jain, CEO & Co-founder of AdStage ADVANCED TWITTER ADS: DOING MORE WITH TWITTER TAILORED AUDIENCES
  2. 2. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Sahil Jain, CEO and Co-founder of AdStage, @sahilio §  Co-founded first company, YC & SV Angel backed, Trigger.io at 20 §  Dropped out of UC Berkeley to join AOL Corp Dev. at 19 §  Dropped out of High School to join Yahoo! Mobile at 17 and worked in the professional video game industry before that ABOUT ME
  3. 3. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio ABOUT ADSTAGE AdStage allows you to create, manage, and report on search and social ad campaigns from a single platform
  4. 4. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio WHY TWITTER 310M monthly active users 12.33 minutes per day on average Source: ValueWalk May 2016Source: Twitter March 2016
  5. 5. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Better Targeting for Advertisers TWITTER TAILORED AUDIENCES
  6. 6. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio ADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR TAILORED AUDIENCES Limit Wasted Ad Spend Acquire New Users Easier Increase Conversions Reach Influencers
  7. 7. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Exclusion Targeting LIMIT WASTED AD SPEND
  8. 8. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” -- John Wanamaker
  9. 9. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio §  Device §  Carrier §  Platform §  Age §  Gender §  Location §  Television §  Keyword Core Targeting on Twitter Ads §  Language §  Interest §  Behavior §  Event §  Previously engaged §  Handle followers
  10. 10. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Types of Tailored Audiences
  11. 11. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Exclusion Targeting Cross-device retargeting Previously Converted Existing Customers Competitors
  12. 12. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Similar User Targeting ACQUIRE NEW USERS EASIER
  13. 13. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Targeting users that are similar to your existing users requires market research - a $21 Billion industry. Source: Market Research Market Research Report | NAICS 54191 Sept 2015
  14. 14. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Twitter Ads Includes This Data For You
  15. 15. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio When to Use Similar User Targeting Brand Awareness Product Announcements Lead Generation
  16. 16. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Product Announcement
  17. 17. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Brand Awareness
  18. 18. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Lead Generation
  19. 19. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Handle Targeting REACH INFLUENCERS
  20. 20. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer Source: Annalect and Twitter, May 2016
  21. 21. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Handle Targeting Upload a list of user handles that are considered influencers are target them with Promoted Tweets so they are exposed to your products and services
  22. 22. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Nurture with Dynamic Retargeting INCREASE CONVERSIONS
  23. 23. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio In a cross-device world, retargeting is becoming more and more difficult
  24. 24. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio 67% start shopping on one device and continue on another Source: comScore/PayPal “Reaching the Connected Consumer” Custom Surveys, Oct 2013
  25. 25. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Twitter is one of the few channels that can accurately retarget your database
  26. 26. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Tailored Audiences for Retargeting Direct Response Lead Nurturing Loyalty Programs
  27. 27. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Lead Nurturing Example of Content Drip Blog Post / Infographic Guide / Whitepaper Case Study Webinar
  28. 28. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Adding in Twitter Ads at Each Stage of the Drip Blog Post / Infographic Guide / Whitepaper Case Study Webinar
  29. 29. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Install the Universal Website Tag
  30. 30. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Create a Conversion Event for Each Conversion
  31. 31. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Nurture Leads on Twitter with Exclusion Targeting Blog post subscribers Whitepaper downloads Case study downloads Whitepaper downloads Case study downloads Webinar registrants Targeted Audience Excluded Audience Core Target Audience by Keyword, Interest, etc. Existing Customers, Competitors, Previously Converted Blog Post / Infographic Guide / Whitepaper Case Study Webinar
  32. 32. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Lead Nurturing Example for End User Visits Website and subscribes to blog Receives nurture campaigns via email and Twitter
  33. 33. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Direct Response
  34. 34. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Loyalty Programs
  35. 35. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Automate Delivery for Maximum Conversions ADVANCED CAMPAIGN SCHEDULING
  36. 36. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Analyze Your Time of Day Conversion Reports
  37. 37. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio Set Up Campaign Schedules
  38. 38. #SocialPro #13B @sahilio THANK YOU! MORE INSIGHTS: blog.adstage.io TODAY’S PRESENTATION: bit.ly/adstage-socialpro2016