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Smarter Attribution with Google Analytics

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When people often go inside Google Analytics for digital marketing insights, they are usually exposed to a lie. Most notably, the Last Click model that exists across most of the standard GA reports are truly a disconnect from the multi-channel digital marketing world that drives visitors to a website. The goal of my presentation is to make a case about why marketers should all look at the GA Attribution Model reports and configure it to get deeper insights for their strategies.

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Smarter Attribution with Google Analytics

  1. 1. March 4, 2015 Smarter Attribution with Google Analytics Adrian Vender Director of Analytics, IMI @AdrianVender
  2. 2. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Last Click Attribution? User goes to your site & converts on that visit. Full credit goes to that source. (Most web analytics tools use last click attribution)
  3. 3. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Multi-Channel, Multi-Device Attribution In reality, the path to conversion may occur over many visits. Early touch points would get no credit with last click model. Multiple devices may be involved as well.
  4. 4. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c The Case for Multi-Attribution Very common to have over 60% multi-touch conversions! Conversions > Multi-Channel Funnels > Path Length
  5. 5. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Time for Change We know that multi-attribution is important… But we still act using single-touch (last-click) attribution. It’s time to embrace multi-attribution in Google Analytics
  6. 6. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Multi-Attribution Challenges in GA • No offline conversions (in-store or phone orders, etc) *call tracking solutions can send calls to GA, but not orders • No native cross-device tracking *UserID can be matched, if provided. Not always practical • Display impression tracking available (GA Premium only) *Otherwise, lack of impression data has severe impact to attribution There is no perfect multi-attribution system!
  7. 7. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Google Analytics Channels Make sure all of your traffic is properly identified in the right Channels. If you don’t UTM tag your links: • Email traffic is split to Direct and “mail.” referrals • Social traffic is slit to Direct and obscure referrals. https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/3297892?hl=en
  8. 8. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c UTM Tagging Check out @AnnieCushing and her guide to UTM tagging. http://www.annielytics.com/guides/definitive-guide-campaign-tagging-google-analytics/
  9. 9. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Go to Attribution Reports in GA
  10. 10. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Configure the Modeling Report • Select/Deselect appropriate conversions • Type “All” is more common • Adjust your lookback window to a max of 90 days
  11. 11. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Choosing an Attribution Model You can select pre-defined rule-based models, or you can create custom rule-based models. With GA Premium, you can enable an algorithmic “Data-Driven” attribution model! Learn more about selecting and creating attribution models from Avinash! http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/multi-channel-attribution-modeling-good-bad-ugly-models/ Unsure? Try “Position Based” model!
  12. 12. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Custom Models Create a custom model from scratch or use an existing model as a baseline. • Adjust position weights • Specify lookback window • Adjust credit based on user engagement • Custom rules, such as increasing credit towards Brand PPC
  13. 13. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Model Comparisons Selecting a multi-touch model may provide a significant lift of conversion credit to your marketing channels. *Link your AdWords, DoubleClick (GA Premium only), or import cost data for any source to get CPA and ROAS metrics. https://support.google.com/analytics/ answer/2803329?hl=en
  14. 14. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Custom Channel Groupings Create channel groupings to identify your specific marketing mix.
  15. 15. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Conversion Segments Use Conversion Segments with Attribution Models to answer questions like: “What’s the revenue influence of Paid Search as an introducer?” “How much credit does each channel get for long conversion journeys?”
  16. 16. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c Recap • Tag and Identify your Channels • Setup Goals and/or Ecommerce Tracking • Import cost data (whenever possible) • Beware of “normal” GA last click attribution • Experiment with different preset and custom models • Leverage custom channel groupings and conversion segments
  17. 17. searchmarketingexpo.com @AdrianVender #SMX #24c