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User Story Mapping, UX Lisbon, June 2015

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Does your organisation have trouble keeping track of the big picture during product development? Are you working with an agile team concerned with delivering more stories rather than a great user experience? Have you ever ended up releasing a product that doesn’t actually solve the customer’s problem?

In this half day workshop you’ll learn how User Story Mapping can help. User Story Mapping is a collaborative practice that keeps the whole team focused on how and why customers use your product. Helping everybody deliver a great user experience together.

You’ll create story maps with your fellow attendees. You’ll see how they keep the whole team focussed on the customer’s experience. You’ll understand how they can be used to break down the customer journey into small chunks of work without losing sight of the big picture.

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User Story Mapping, UX Lisbon, June 2015

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 UX Lisbon, June 2015 Adrian Howard (@adrianh)
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 (& feedback!) Adrian Howard (@adrianh) quietstars.com
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