diagnosis management immunophenotyping hematology renal amyloidosis cardiac amyloidosis multiple myeloma itp immune thrombocyopenia plasma cell dyscrasia light chain amyloid primary amyloidosis pet scan newer treatment abvd hodgkin's lymphoma protocol brentuximab radiotherapy hl outcome hodgkin lymphoma procedure post stem cell transplant lineage switch relapse acute leukemia hemoglobinopathy sickle cell disease hb electrophoresis isoelectric focusing lab diagnosis hb variants thalassemia ptt internal quality control prothrombin time criteria myeloid neoplasms tumours of haematopoietic and lymphoid who 2016 update classification westgard rules lj charts calibration quality control qc coagulation lab antidoate cost anticoagulation noacs xarelto rivaroxaban leukemia principles flow cytometry fcm flowcytometry esterase pseudocholine acute and subacute meningo-encephalitis clinical etiological and prognostic features encephalitis thesis presentation meningitis acute meningoencephalitis leptospirosis treatment faine's criteria somatosensory seizures hiv motor neuron disease internuclear ophthalmoplegia horner's syndrome localization hla b-27 ankylosing spondylitis proximal radioulnar joint synostosis dish diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis primary hypertrophic osteoathropathy pachydermoperiostosis touraine-solente-gole syndrome pseudocholinesterase deficiency succinylcholine
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